Is the 11th Doctor Better than the !0th Doctor?

Asked by: DoctorWhovian
  • The Eleventh Is better

    The Eleventh Doctor is better because he is optimistic and funny. He can make any bad situation seem like there is hope to be found. He is amazing with the Tardis and Sonic Screwdriver. He can do anything right and makes the doctor have very good stance as a person and as a doctor

  • Ten was the best.

    The Eleventh Doctor is okay, but I feel like Ten was so much better. It's probably because Steven Moffat is the primary writer for Doctor Who now, and he's quite sexist towards women if you noticed. The Tenth Doctor just seemed funnier and more lighthearted, and the companions were also better. But, hey, it's all opinions.

  • Ten was best of all

    I loved the 11th doctor as well, but thinking back at the 10th honestly brings me to tears. He seemed like the most foreign, the most ALIEN. He had the biggest heart, he was freaking hilarious, and he had the best companions. Rose and 10th doctor's relationship was amazing. The show was truly perfect then. I still love it, but it changes each doctor, because each doctor is completely different.

  • Rom-Com Doc is not my style

    Tennant picked up where eccleston left off, an alien saving our planet earth from opposing forces. While I'm not saying Smith did not do this, I am going to say that the action-y feel to doctor who was lost with Tennant's regeneration into smith. Even when Smith's doctor climbed out of the box to face a young Amy Pond, the fairytale, childhood story aspect was very prominent. The episode where the doctor is stranded and forced to rent out an room was definitely where the sitcom aspect became prominent as well. I believe a show about a hero saving the world on a daily basis should have more of a feel of urgency and less of a feel of comedy. Thankfully, Capaldi has done a perfect job of bringing the drama back to Who without completely killing off the comedy portion, but instead making it a smaller part of the show.

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