Is the 1961 movie-musical, West Side Story, still relevant today?

Asked by: mplo
  • Yes. The 1961 movie-musical, West Side Story, is still relevant today.

    Loosely based on the famous Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet, the 1961 movie-musical, West Side Story, which is about a love and romance that develops (i. E. Tony, the ex-Jet gang leader and founder, and Maria, the younger sister of Shark gang leader, Bernardo) and then goes up in smoke amid conflict between the White European ethnic American Jets and the newly-arrived Puerto Rican Sharks, provides a message with a double-edged sword; the deleterious consequences of racial/ethnic hatred and gang warfare, and yet the existing possibility of intergroup reconciliation.

    Racism and ethnic tensions and hostilities, omnipotently present here in the United States even to this day, and the fact that conflict exists all over the world, and the fact that people do cross the racial, ethnic, religious and color barriers to fall in love, date and even intermarry, make West Side Story what it is, and very relevant, even today.

    Posted by: mplo
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