Is the 2000-day strong Bull market coming to an end (yes) or just getting started (no)?

  • Yes, I think its coming to an end.

    Yes, I think its coming to an end. I don't think that such a strong market can last all that much longer to be quite honest. I feel that this long rally will have to end sometime. I think it will happen sooner rather than later. Its good that wall street is having success but it wont last.

  • Yes, I believe an evening out has started to occur.

    Yes, I believe we are starting to see the beginning of the end of the 2000-day strong bull market. I believe that the market has been propelled forward by somewhat of a "feeding frenzy". However, I do not see that the infrastructure is there to allow a bullish market to continue indefinitely.

  • Bull Market's Last Days

    All bull markets must end sometime. Soothsayers on Wall Street are on both sides of this issue right now. Many cite that there is substantial precedent for a longer run as we've seen a bull last for 12 years. But, surges in confidence may have a superstitious side as other analysts predict. The magic 2000 ceiling number is around the corner. And that's a psychological number that some in the know believe will trigger huge withdrawals from the market and the end of running with the bulls.

  • No. It's just getting started

    The 2000 day strong bull market is just getting started. We still haven't seen a huge affect of the recession ending and people are still making their way back into the workforce. More people working, means stronger economy and better spending for the stock traded companies. I believe this was just the beginning and there are 2000 more good days ahead.

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