• Devil's Advocate

    Maybe it is. How do we know for sure when anything terrible is going to happen? Natural disasters strike the Earth all the time, and their potential isn't going away. At the same time, the potential for man-made disasters goes up exponentially. What if terrorists decide to plan the biggest attack ever on that day, simply because of its symbolism to many people?

  • Well we're still alive

    Personally, despite whatever religion you believe in, I don't believe there will ever be an apocalypse. The reasons for an such an incident are often invalid. For example society has since the beginning of time always had 'immoral' people and our world today is by no means more 'immoral' than that of the past. In fact society has made advances in the idea of equality for all, with regard to gender, race and sexuality. And in any case 2012 has passed but the world is still very much intact.

  • bunch of baloney

    this all baloney people, god will not let the earth be destroyed. it is nonsense, people really how will this happen. who ever thought of "the apocalypse'' is just a stupid scientist who didn't know what to say so he said the end of the world is gonna happen. who ever doesn't agree is stupid

  • No End of World Predictions are Correct

    I think it's silly to predict the end of the world. In the past, "experts" have been predicting the ed of the world for thousands of years. And guess what? Every single one of them has been wrong. So what makes this 2012 prediction so "solid"? Just because the Mayan calendar stops that means the world will too? That's completely ridiculous in my opinion. We may have had some horrible events recently (like Superstorm Sandy), but there will ot be an apocalyptic event.

  • It doesn't make any sense.

    Let's face it, the Mayans no matter how advanced they were for their time are in no way more advanced than we are today. They were far more superstitious and gullible. We today are not just going to decided to fall in line when it comes to something like this, whereas they would easily. All in all, it just doesn't make sense

  • No - these things never do

    Over the years, many people have predicted countless dates and times that the world is going to end. And every time they proven wrong. There is no evidence to back up these wild theories that 2012 is the end of the world. People need to live their lives as normal and forget all about this nonsense.

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