• State/Church Separatists are all just atheists with an axe to grind.

    The ACLU and FFRF (Freedom from Religion Foundation) are all made up of hateful creeps who have some weird crackpot vendetta against Christians (and no, don't say "Religious people", because we all know that it's Christians they really mean.) The thing is, if a country is made up of 70% Christians, then the majority should get to decide, not some weird Christophobic retards with an axe to grind. If the majority wants to do away with State/Church Separation, then so be it. It's called democracy. And if the atheists don't like it, then they can always move to North Korea. I'm sure they'll love it there. After all, it IS founded on the same compassionate, caring, loving, moral values that all Christian nations are founded on. Oh wait...

  • ACLU is Pro-Separation

    The ACLU isn't against religion. It is against religion interfering in the governmental process in the America. If a public space is going to display the Ten Commandments, then it should also have quotes from the Torah and Qu'ran as well. The ACLU is about including everyone in the republic form of government. Including one religion and not another is tantamount to excluding certain classes of people which is illegal in America's tenet regarding equal rights for all.

  • Defending Free Speech

    Absolutely not. The ACLU are ardent defenders of the first amendment and, because of this, have been subject to bullying from many extreme-right think tanks and groups. They are the last people imaginable that would attack religion, in fact they will be plenty willing to defend it if it ever became what the extreme-right claims it has - made a minority of and ostracized.

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