Is the ACLU Justified in Claiming That Limits on Political Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Compromise Free Speech?

  • ACLU is desinged for people

    I think that ACLU is justified on Political Campaigns and other related issues. ACLU is well organized grope that educates people on politics and its campaigns. I think they are doing good job by doing that because that way people know who to listen to when it comes time for elections and major issues around out country.

  • Funding isn't speech

    A guarantee of free speech does not guarantee the ability of funding others to speak. Its incomprehensible in the Internet age to think that a group could claim that, without unlimited funding, nobody can get their message across (people, - nobodys - do so every day). Funding definitely does have an effect of the scope and volume of a candidate's message, neither of which has anything to do with free speech implicitly.

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