Is the Acquisition of International Mail Order Brides Inherently Racist and Exploitative?

  • I think so.

    The entire process is acquiring the relationship of another person in exchange for money. Is every mail order bride exploited? Probably not, but it is easily exploited by those with wealth. Furthermore the bride is an immigrant and is at the mercy of her husband. This whole idea is based on money instead of love.

  • Yes, it is

    I don't know if I would go so far as to say that mail order brides and the entire process is based on racism, but I think that it is definitely true that the practice is exploitative. I don't think anyone who isn't vulnerable would actually choose to be a bride of this sort.

  • Personal experience with Mail Order Brides

    Hi, I have ordered thirteen mail order brides and I have never been happier. If this is banned, I can never reach my life goal of 25 mail order brides, plus, they're really hot. And its not racist There stupid , i feed my asians rice, and my russians vodka and they're happy.Taniqua is next to me right now and so is Chantelle. We all have a lot of fun together. Actually its kind of weird. I'm 2 years old (If youre wondering i'm a kid genius)

  • Exploitative yes, racist no

    This is a practice that puts two desperate people together, but there isn't anything racist about it. Sure you have a bunch old white guys buying their Asian waifus because they're socially unable to attract one themselves, but it's a preference, not racist. If women are desperate enough that putting themselves in this situation is worthwhile and there's a market for it, so be it.

  • I think it is fine, and I actually know someone who has done this before.

    My father in law's friend is a great guy who years ago went through a bitter divorce. His wife left him for another man and took him for everything he owned. He was lonely, and he found a lady in China through an online "chat" service. She wanted to come to the US; he wanted companionship. She now works here and lives here legally, and he always has someone there for him.Their relationship has grown into something beautiful and don't think anything of it.

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