Is the acquisition of mail order brides a form of modern-day human slavery/trafficking?

Asked by: Ailin-Goh
  • Isn't it kinda weird to order a spouse?

    Those girls are like items on the shelf ready to be pick and purchase. This is definitely human trafficking for the purpose of marriage and sex. The girl has to leave her family, her home, her country just to marry a person she barely knows, and this is love?

    Not forgetting the middleman who benefits from all these transaction. This human trafficking and it should be stopped.

  • If it is forced it is human trafficking

    I am not 100% sure whether these women and girls are made to do this against their will, but if they are it is definitely human trafficking and forced sex slavery. However, if the person is doing it with consent, then it is almost the same as a women looking for a sugar daddy, definitely not right, but perhaps not human trafficking.

  • Definitely weird. Absolutely not tasteful. Let's not call it "human trafficking" though.

    I am no expert in this category, but it seems that such a system is sexist and archaic, tracing its roots to a time when marriage was something like an economic contract. Let's not call this "human trafficking" though, because slavery is very real and very evil. I just think we need to be sensitive to those who have actually gone through human trafficking (not me btw) before we give something that label. But I do sympathize!

    Posted by: kbub

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kbub says2013-12-23T13:43:02.793
I may have to change my stance though.... It does seem like human trafficking...