• LGBT excludes many people.

    The acronym LGBT has good intentions, however it excludes many people out there. There are other genders and sexualities other than lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenders and it makes a lot of people feel excluded from the acronym. I think that it should be changed to include more genders and sexualities.

  • LGBTQQIASPPAPMODAPAHSPPMODAPABPODMGGGA23TNH. That's pretty much all I have to say.

    That is the fullest acronym I have written. It is important to note that LGBT only includes 3 sexualities and one gender. That on it's own is inexcusable. Furthermore, LGBT doesn't include romantic orientations at all! If you are going to call yourself an inclusive community, you need to be inclusive in your acronym. Including them under a plus sign shouldn't (and doesn't) count as including them. It's like writing the names of a few people at the office followed by and the others. It ostracizes them, which isn't okay. And that's not even complaining about the lack of gender representation. There are so many non-binary identities not included, it's stupid.

  • There are more options than those four.

    The acronym excludes asexuals and ace-spectrum people, aromantics and aro-spectrum people, pansexuals, nonbinary people, intersex people, and other queer people who do not choose to label their orientation. While the extended version, LGBTQIAP+, includes more people, it is long and unwieldy. I would recommend using MOGII, which stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identities, (and) Intersex. This seems to be the most inclusive.

  • No, LGBT is not too exclusive.

    The acronym LGBT is not too exclusive. In fact it may be too inclusive. Lesbian,Gay,Bi-sexual, and Transgender is what this acronym stands for. This seems to be very inclusive of certain members of society, albeit groups on the fringe. I do not think this acronym is too exclusive as it includes a wide range of people.

  • That's actually not the term most people use!

    Most people (myself, at least) use the acrynom LGBTQ+ to include Queer. Queer really is the only word needed in my opinion. Some use LGBTQIA+, even! This isn't exclusive, you are! Cmon guys, don't exclude other letters! The plus sign is there for good reason. There is more to it than you think, okay?

  • There is a plus sign on LGBT+ for a reason.

    Nobody wants to recite the alphabet in a different order every time they talk about someone who is not straight and cisgender. Don't think that I'm just some lazy straight cis person who doesn't care about equality, because I am asexual, WTFromantic, and genderfluid. I am happy with just being the plus sign. I would love to have more representation, but I just don't think that having people say every letter is the way to get that.

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