• Much better than it's portrayed

    I used to think Africa was just a continent of crime, starvation and disease but looking further into it I found it's really not as bad as what us westerners portray it to be.

    Newsflash: You don't need material items to be happy. Africans seem to be THE mostly socially connected people on the planet. They don't crave items like cars they can never afford when their family and friends provide much more happiness.

  • It is under rated

    People judge the African society of which they don't have enough knowledge of whats happening to the continent. A little research and travel can enlighten one to discover that Africa is not a backward society as most expect. As an African i can defend my continent in that we have the most beautiful continent basing on the fact that we are still going for the natural means of living and believe in conservation of resources more than any other continent. We should not be under rated. Not all bad things and diseases are found in africa

  • It's only outmoded, and won't stand up to proper industrialization.

    African society is opening up to proper industrialization, and those in the industrialization can expect a better quality of life than the hunter-gatherers and subsistence farmers that seem to dominate the continent. Contain the odd warlord, and it might even be safe to open up more than a bit of tourism. However, as it is now, African society is backward. Take it from someone from somewhere far more advanced.

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