Is the age of consent, in regards to statutory rape, too high (yes) or too low (no)?

  • Of course! It's too high don't match up with biology

    The earliest age people start getting lust and sexual is 10/11.
    Some people hit puberty as early as 10 and as late as 13. So teens are young adults once they hit puberty. Age of consent needs to be lower can't tell teens when and who to fuck when it's their body and if they consent it's not harming anyone. This is why teens become so rebellious. People want to treat them like kids or like they lack common sense instead of the young adults that they are with they own identity and opinions. But

  • statutory rape age of consent

    I think that the she of statutory rape is to high teenage boys at 18 still have the same mind frame as a teenage girl at 16 so it could be a little lower. You cannot help who you fall in love with and a two or one age difference is not a big deal it is when it gets further apart I would say that's a problem.

  • If it's 18, it's too high.

    In the United States, each state has a different age of consent. I personally think that in many states where it's 18, it's far too high. Most kids start having sex before that and it should probably be lowered to 16 to be more realistic. Some states have it a little too low, like 14.

  • Neither too high nor too low

    I believe the age of consent is neither too high nor too low. All 50 states have various minimum ages that they consider a person to be mature enough to be capable of making decisions about sex. In our country the age of consent varies between 16 and 18 and no two states have the same limitations. It seems to me that if various states have different ages of consent, we cannot reach a plausible conclusion. I believe matters regarding sex should be on an individual basis; people mature at different ages.

  • The real problem is there needs to be close-in-age exceptions

    When people are close in age it can't be said they took advantage of the "victim"'s youth and naivety. Some states have laws called "Rome and Juliet" laws on the books. More states need these laws. I'm not taking a stance on whether the age is too high or too low just that if two people are close in age the older should not be treated as a criminal.

  • No, I think the age of consent in regards to staturory rape is too low.

    I believe that the age limit is relatively fine where it is now but overall I think it could be beneficial to raise it by a little, I think that when you are dealing with people in that age range who's minds are not fully developed yet it's hard to determine the appropriate age where they should be able to get consent but I believe the later the better.

  • No, the age of consent is too low.

    I do not think that the age of consent here in the United States of America is too high. If anything, it is too low. I think that a lot of teenagers these days are just too immature to handle the responsibilities of sex. I think that the age of consent should either stay the same or be reserved for mature ages.

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