• Yes, I think the US border is safe and secure.

    While it is not perfect I think the US border stops the majority of illegal activity that is happening at it, I think over the past few years US border authorities have gotten much better at identifying the weak spots of the border and reinforcing them, with a border so large it is invetible that drugs and illegal immigrants will still get in though.

  • I think it is.

    The American border is safe and secure, for the most part. You are not going to find a more heavily-guarded border in the world, except for the border of North and South Korea. The cops keep watch, minute men keep watch, the border patrol keeps watch, and the national guard keeps watch.

  • I know first hand

    It is now easier than ever to get into this country. I know firshand because I live in Texas, and I know friends and family who are in law enforcement who have to deal with illegals every day. There is no fence, and not enough law enforcement on the border, the Cartels and random illegals use intricate and easy ways to get into this country. The border will never be secure until we build a fence, and have actual people Pauling it, and sending em back.

  • The American Border is not Safe

    It is my opinion that the American border is not safe or secure. I feel that if the American border were safe and secure then there would be much less discussion of illegal immigration in today's society. As it stands now, the border is still not secure enough to keep illegal immigrants from crossing it.

  • No, of course it is not.

    Obviously those who live in the border states will tell us that the border is neither safe nor secure, and not just because of the random illegal immigrants who come across or who are brought across in unsafe conditions but also because of the narcotics trade that freely travels it.

  • So many holes.

    No, the American border is not safe and secure, because many illegal people come into the United States every single day. They have even found tunnels a mile long crossing into the United States from Mexico. Not only people come into the country, but drugs come into the country as well.

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