• Ofc it is

    It's quite overrated...Why does it have to be called "american" jeez ofc its all about them. It's always about them. I dont understand why there is such a huge hype about America when its just another country with trump. To be honest no one ever says "the american dream" except for americans themselfs

  • Is is extremely obvious

    Having 1 person live in a house costs a lot, to live in mexico, you will need to pay 58% less, and 78% less for rent. I do not believe people should come to america to experience the "land of opportunity" in my opinion, it is a complete rip-off. -

  • Because it just is !!!

    Its overrated because there is no such thing as the American dream for immigrants because when immigrants come to America they usually find a job in construction are anything necessary and they don't get paid the the usually pay their suppose to get paid so when theirs an question about is the American really sustainable then you come up with does the government usually critic against immigrants? And the answer is yes because as the government probably feels that your part of another country and is letting you into mines for a "better life" but that's not technically true there's many of people (immigrants) still struggle to make ends meet because their not getting the usual American person pay but yet they come to America for a "better life"

  • Quite obviously yes

    America is nothing that an immigrant would expect. The people are racist and don't allow immigrants to get the good jobs. Americans themselves have a high suicide rate because they don't have any reason to live while in the poor countries people are happier. Nobody go to this country, either way it will destroy itself one day hopefully.

  • American Dream Means Be Happy

    The American Dream isn't what it used to be. People promulgated the American Dream as having a white picket fence house with 2.3 kids and 1.2 pets. Now, the American Dream means to simply be happy. Everyone deserves to find their own happiness, whatever that means. The American Dream doesn't have to be the same it once was, but like America itself, the concept evolves.

  • No, the American Dream is not overrated

    The American dream is such a jaded, old ideal that I don't even believe that it exists within our collective consciousness as Americans today. I don't think that the American dream is considered by the average American when he/she is planning the course of their life. The American dream is all about seeking happiness where you find it.

  • Let Freedom Ring

    The American Dream isn't about owning a house or having 2.3 kids and 1.5 cats. It's about having the freedom to make up your own ideals and pursue your own goals. The American Dream is not overrated in the least bit. The freedoms we enjoy are found nowhere else. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  • No way

    Who would not want the American Dream. The thing about it is that the American dream is a little different for each person. Some one might have a little more importance than the next person on money, a house, or some thing like that. It is important that we always dream and work towards something.

  • No!

    To say that the American dream is overrated is to say that the basic freedoms that make America what it is are overrated. It's not perfect, and it's not for everyone, but one of those freedoms, is, of course, to work to change the system or just leave the country. I don't think the whole thing deserves to be dismissed as overrated.

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