• Yes, the American economy is recovering slowly.

    I truly believe that the American economy is recovering, albeit slowly. More people are headed back to work and able to afford a little bit more. People are able to afford more and live better. The housing market seems to be getting back on track, getting more and more families into homes they can afford. It is not fully better but it is getting there.

  • Yes, but not to where it was.

    The economy of the United States is certainly somewhat better now than it was just a few years ago. The housing market is doing better and there are more jobs out there for those who want them. But prices are still high and the jobs aren't paying that much and opportunity inequality is rampant, so we will never be back to where we were.

  • Asia Africa the future.

    By 2025, Asia will have 53% of world economy and 58% of the world population. By 2050, America will have less than 10% of the world economy. America does not have it anymore. America is not the promised land anymore. American people use so much foul language. American hatred for the Muslims and Foreigners will cause future problems.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe the American economy is recovering. At this point I think it is easy to see that the economy is stagnant. All of the money in America is concentrated into the hands of the few and those that aren't included don't impact the economy anymore. There buying power is too low.

  • They are misleading us.

    No, the American economy is not currently recovering, because we are being told the unemployment rate is much less than it actually is. Business are still not hiring; people are still on food stamps at record amounts. The government is saying we're recovering, but those of us on main street know better.

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