Is the American Family Association's stance on gay marriage a sound one?

  • The American Family Association helps traditional families and couples thrive

    The American Family Association's stance on gay marriage is indeed sound. They are pro-family and not pro-homosexual. Their philosophy helps male-female-headed families and couples thrive in the United States today. The organization believes in traditional marriage and values, which is always what kept America and indeed the history of mankind going forward.

  • Yes, the American Family Association's stance on this issue is valid.

    The American Family Association has the first amendment on its side. They have the right to question what they deem wrong, as long as they do not incite violence against gay people. Their ideas about the institution of marriage makes sense to many people, as they have a significant number of supporters. The issue of gay marriage is a divisive one so it is better to accommodate all opinions on the matter to promote civility.

  • Hate is Not a Family Value

    The American Family Association regards homosexuality as a sinful act. They oppose homosexual movements in the United States and in the world on the basis of conservative and fundamental Christianity. Unfortunately, that is perceived as hateful in their stance. Hate is not a family value and the AFA can do well to back off of its stances before they lose more members.

  • Not at all.

    The American Family Association's stance on gay marriage is crumbling because it is homophobia for the sake of fund raising. It is not based in logic or reason or any credible studies. AFA hides behind their bible to say horrible things about people for the sake of profiting off of other people who derive satisfaction from harming the lives of gays and lesbians.

  • It's Not Sound

    According to the American Family Association they "declare that homosexuality is unnatural and sinful" and that they have "sponsored several events reaching out to homosexuals and letting them know there is love and healing at the Cross of Christ." In my view of Christianity it is wrong to judge others because the Bible says so, yet they quote other scriptures that indicate homosexuality is wrong. So I do not believe their stance is sound because it doesn't actually follow real Christian values.

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