• Of course it is

    Some investigators from the Treasury office of inspector general found out that some of the employees surf pornographic websites and hire prostitutes instead of working. Also in North Carolina the government have passed on a law to fully legalize prostitution. The government also made sure that false claims were made about the oil spilled by BP in the gulf

  • Of course they are

    They are corrupt because this government is supposed to be consent of the people. They are making decisions that we don't agree with and that is not bright. They are walking over us and that is not what our founding Fathers intended with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The government is making decisions for us and that is technically against our rights and stripping us of our right to have an uncorrupt government. The government is corrupt because it is based by the consent of the governed, but they don't care and are making decisions for us that we don't want.

  • Lobbying, money, Billionaires.

    Lobbying was never apart of the constitution, yet its controlling most of American politicians. Why would it even be legal for any congressman to take money from the billionaire class to pay for their next campaign and then in tern vote for a bill in the favor of the billionaire class? Even if it goes against what 99% of Americans want...Why is that legal? So yes America has a Corrupt Government.

  • They probably are.

    There is too much evidence showing that they are. World trade center bombing, caught on cameras, cameras were taken from people by the government, people say they saw a first explosion come from inside the buildings, odd "terrorist" plain was used (not the kind used for bombing). All this points to the idea that the government may have tried to cause conflict to earn money from the war. This is one example of many. Besides, how can we not be corrupted? It is the human condition.

  • Of course it is.

    Yes, of course the American government is corrupt. Just about any government you will find on this planet is corrupt. Power in almost any position will lead to some kind of corruption. Our nation's capital is rampant with corruption and all sorts of back room deals and misuse of power.

  • No, it is not.

    The government, as a one group, is not corrupt. Corruption that large would be impossible, or at the very least, difficult to hide. It would be a very big deal and everyone would be on the same page about it. Individuals within the government, however, can be corrupt, just not the group as one whole.

  • No, they are not.

    As a whole the entire government in America is not corrupt. There are so many different people that are apart of the government it would be unfair to say all of them are corrupt. With that large of a group of people I am sure a few of them do have bad habits, or wrong intentions, but not all of them as a whole.

  • No, they are not.

    I think it is unfair to say a government is corrupt just because we do not always agree with how they run things or their views on certain situations. The government can make mistakes or do things we do not like, but that is because they are just people. All people make mistakes. That does not mean they are corrupt.

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