• Yes, the American government tries to make moral decisions.

    The American government makes great efforts to pass laws and take actions that benefit its citizens. What is moral or right changes dramatically between people, so the government may not appear to be moral to everyone or anyone, but it does at least try. Immoral politicians and inefficient execution of some laws do not change the fact that at its most basic, the American government is trying to do good in the world.

  • The American government is almost totally immoral.

    The American government does truly horrendous things on a daily basis across the world. From drone strikes in Pakistan to continued military presence in Afghanistan, the government is constantly killing and maiming innocent people, all in the name of national security. Meanwhile, back in the United States, cities and states are falling apart, while the military never has to worry about using a second-generation tank.

  • No, the American government heavily favors the rich.

    No, the United States government is not moral because its criminal justice system treats poor people differently than wealthy people. When the stock market crashed in 2008, and after a mountain of evidence exposed the financial markets for helping, accidentally, to bring the economy down, no important people were even charged with fraud, let alone convicted. However, when a poor person is arrested and the officer finds a minimal amount of marijuana, that poor person is charged with possession.

  • The government is immoral because it hides too much information from its citizens.

    The Edward Snowden case is a particular example of how the government chooses to hide much information from the public eye. The American public only knows about what the government is doing when information is leaked out. One can only speculate about how many other secret government programs are taking away people's rights and threatening individual freedoms.

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