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  • Our government is not just Donald Trump

    The government is comprised of more than the president. While Trump has his issues, our government is not only comprised of the president, because that's not how democracy works. Our government is comprised of hard working congressmen, judges, etc, anyone holding public office who is not Donald Trump. Another idea I would like to throw out there is that it is so much easier to say something is broken than to say that something is working. It's a lot easier to say "everything is terrible life sucks lets blame the government," than to say "there are some bad things about our government, but that doesn't mean they are completely ineffective."

  • All Hail Trump

    Our new president is a god. He deserves to have a massive shrine and be praised daily. He wants to make America the way it always was with women back in the kitchen where they best belong. Donald Trump's America will be the greatest country on planet earth and those Swedes and those Canadian losers are gonna be sorry that they ever doubted him. Yeet Yeet for freedom.

  • We Are Still Doing Well

    Despite... Obvious draw backs to our new leader, we have had worse people in charge. Plus, our current president is at least trying to get things done efficiently. Even if he has failed to follow through on his larger plans so far, those tent to take more then the first 100 days to complete anyways.

  • Donald Trump has failed America

    Donald Trump has failed the American people. He has vigorously promised nationalized healthcare (with claims such as "healthcare for all") with no success, blames his failures on the democrats such as the impending Government Shutdown, he uses Twitter to immaturely discuss his ridiculous and petty ideas, his budget will increase military spending and cut programs vital for welfare, education, and jobs, he clearly shows a lack of understanding of politics and history (with his outlandish comments about the American Civil War), etc.

    Donald Trump has not only failed to provide for the needs of the American people, but he has also, through his petty, immature actions, disgraced America's image of hope and strength.

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