Is the American history of police corruption at odds with the nation's claims about supporting individual freedom?

  • Yes, of course it is

    There are many instances in American history where police corruption was at odds with the nation's claims about supporting individual freedom. This will always happen, because people are backward and corrupt. I do not think this detracts from America supporting individual freedom, though. It is still very highly emphasized here.

  • Yes I believe that is true,

    Because I feel as though that police officers used to protect and serve the people of the United States of America but now it seems they are only their to uphold the laws of the government whether or not they are moral or just and are more just figure-heads of the state that employs them.

  • We are kind of turning into a police state

    You think about the NSA, airports TSA'S, all the metal detectors when going into public buildings. You have all the intelligence agencies, and then the police departments. Plus, you have security cameras everywhere. There is security every where in this country. Then you hear about all the abuse these organizations do and one does have to wonder how much personal freedom they really have.

  • Yes, i think it is

    I think you have to look at both ends of the debate. I think police are way out of sorts as of late, and individual freedoms are being taken away. I think a police state is coming soon,but these rights and freedoms will be taking away by the very people that should protect them.

  • Individual freedom does not always line up with police corruption

    Police corruption has directly affected the right for individuals to have freedom and feel comfortable. A lot of crimes have happened over the years that are directly police related and it does not paint a positive picture to the individual. So freedom and speech of the average citizen needs to be important despite police corruption.

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