• Absolutely - existing data and our book prove it

    - transparency international has the U.S ranked somewhere in the lower teens worldwide
    - several cases n the last decade have gotten mainstream media attention (“cash for kids”, Jeff Ashton and Ashley Madison scandal, officer strangling of Eric Garner, etc, etc)
    - our #1-rated book, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor. Foreword by Ron Paul.

  • Lawyers that I have spoken to are socipaths and nacissim drives the legal profession. Favoritism for celebrities.

    I needed a lawyer a couple of years ago. Nothing too serious. I picked up the phone book and called a handful of lawyers. The lawyers I spoke to shocking. I had heard the horror stories about how the legal profession has gone down hill. But I found out the hard way.

    The case I had was worth $250,000.00+ The defendants destroyed my reputation, harassed me, caused I.I.E.D.. Had I been a famous journalist, or a preety curvy female who can cry at the snap of a finger they would allowed me to sue for 1 million dollars.

    If you don't read the newspaper, most celebrities get to sue for 10 million dollars if they get their feelings hurt. They bring out people who weren't witnesses, to parade their gross story on tabloids.

    Juries are corrupt and aid in this farce.

    The middle class are abused, are controlled by lawyers, who think they're clients are uneducated.

    They don't allow their clients equal representation under the law. And every judge knows this.

    They will tell you. Most lawyers are vipers who are greedy people.

    We'll the lawyer I went to was mentally ill. Like a bad cop. Crazy with a capital C Crazy.

    I could take this court and you could sue for $5000.00

    President Obama you listen up you con. You destroyed this country by not being a real leader, who could anticipate this countries biggest issues.

    Legal injustice

  • Yes, it is.

    People give and take money for what they want done in the legal system. So many politicians just takes money and create laws without a second thought just so they can get some more money. If these politicians got into more trouble for this it wouldn't be as corrupt, but I don't see people doing anything about it anytime soon.

  • Watch the headlines

    We've noticed a lot of bizarre corruption going on with judges and jurors recently that are only coming to light thanks to investigative journalism. We've already gone through multiple moral panics wherein innocent people are convicted on crimes there is no possible way they could have committed. There needs to be immediate reform.

  • Yes, the American legal system is corrupt.

    I think that the American legal system is corrupt. It is clear that a little bit of money and influence can go a long way in terms of how a person is treated in the judicial system. There have been many cases where celebrities have been treated very softly by the court systems.

  • The U.S. Legal system is imperfect, that does not make it corrupt.

    There is no question that many times laws lack foresight and judges may try to create justice out of thin air, but that does not mean that the system is corrupt. Human beings are limited and fallible and that will manifest itself in our institutions (be they business, science, or law), but there is no indication that the legal system is more corrupt than any other aspect of life in America or globally.

  • The system is the best in the world

    The American legal system is not deeply corrupt, but it is in fact the best and most honest system in the world. It has been around since the early days of this country and should stay the same as it always has been. If it were to change, very difficult things would occur.

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