• It Is Pathetic

    Celebrities should be entitled to their privacy. Just because they are more well known than others doesnt mean you should follow them and study their every single action with religious fervor. Its incredible how much effort people can put into following the lives of someone that isnt themselves.

    What annoys me even more are the forms of media that encourage this * cough* TMZ *cough*. Stations like these report useless "celebrity outrages" instead of clearing the timezone for news that actually has relevancy. I mean, are people really so drama-hungry that they will watch this garbage over something that is usefull?

  • Yes, of course they are.

    Just think-strangers with cameras hnding you everywhere you go, taking photos of your kids, who are too young to be exposed to celebrity life-oh, and the annoying questions about your personal life.
    "What's up with your boyfriend? Your Husband?'
    "What's your baby's name going to be?"
    "Yo, yo, [insert celeb name] WE LOVE YOU!!!! PICTURES?
    "Hey, why did you say that on the interview last week?
    "What's wrong with your kid huh?"
    And blah and blah and blah.
    You get the idea.
    Then, along with this barrage of questions, there are all those blinding and constant camera flashes, having to maneuver your way out of the crowd of people, and trying not to lose it when some person becomes extremely rude.

    I get that there is good money to be earned for taking pictures of celebrities, and I also understand the fact that we, as a society in general, can be obsessed with our media darlings, but in this age, you can connect with any star on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever social networking site there is. As a celebrity you don't have to give people the time of day at your own expense, and against your own will. A picture of one of our stars shirtless or doing something inappropriate, or on an outing is probably worth more than a thousand, but seriously, you don't have to take pictures of EVERY SINGLE THING they do, right? There are boundaries here, and even though many people say celebrities knew what they were getting into by being famous, they are human beings, and they don't need their private lives documented, just as much as you or I do, and they deserve some time alone. Yes, paparazzie put stars in the spotlight, but they can take as many pictures as they want at galas and parties and premieres, or at least have some clear boundaries set up. If there are laws in Europe restricting paparazzi, why can't we do it in America? And besides, we don't NEED to read gossip magazines and we don't NEED to look at photos of our celebs , but that is a whole other story.

  • Laws and Regulations should be put in place.

    Celebrities are people, not public property. Everyone deserves privacy; it's essential to mental health. I have no problem with the paparazzi being present for public events, such as premiers and award shows. However, the stalking and snooping into private lives needs to completely stop. Even worse are the lies and gossip that they spread. Celebrities and public officials should be able to sue for slander.

  • Yes i think paparazzi is going to far

    I really do think that the paparazzi should be banned. Just because the celebrities is getting upset its not right for them. The paparazzi is being all in their business and they don't want them to. It really is unfair because they are taking pictures and videos of them and its not fair.

  • Yes way too far

    Celebrities make money and knowingly put themselves in the public spotlight. The paparazzi do have a right to report on them to some extent. However the extreme it has gotten to in today's world is way too much. You just have to look at the case of Princess Diana to understand that.

  • It has for years

    The information gained from paparazzi is almost exclusively useless. How interesting it is depends on the person (I could not possibly care less) but in any event, the information is objectively not important enough for the invasions of privacy performed to obtain it. Get over yourselves, guys, even celebrities deserve a little space.

  • The paparazzi need boundaries

    Yes, I believe that Americans allow paparazzi to go too far. Media should have rules just like everyone else. It is understood that stars should know that they and anyone close to them will be scrutinized, but there has to be a limit on how far paparazzi can take their need for information. Even stars or public figures deserve privacy to a certain extent.

  • Everyone Deserves Privacy

    Everyone deserves privacy in America, even Justin Bieber. If paparazzi followed around normal citizens, they'd be arrested for stalking and harassment. Paparazzi are insane in the first place, chasing celebrities around just to get the best photo available. Unfortunately, paparazzi give the people what they want when they take these photos and sell them.

  • Yes, the American paparazzi is going to far.

    Everyday you can look on the news and see some story about a random celebrity doing something stupid with the paparazzi catching it on camera. I could care less about what any celebrity is doing at any given time. The paparazzi are prevents real news stories from getting played on the news which is bad.

  • American Paparazzi Crazy

    I believe that the American paparazzi are going to far, but it is easy to understand why they are doing so. The American population and the world for that matter loves celebrities. We love celebrities so much so that we will buy products because they are seen with them and purchase magazine because they are posted on the front.

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