• Yes, Time with American Politicians Can Be Bought

    The American political system still manages to elect the people’s choice, but it has
    serious flaws. Perhaps the most serious problem is the need to raise money.
    Elections are won with effective ads, and ads cost money. So office seekers spend
    huge amounts of time courting those who can fund their campaigns. This means
    that people who manage to get elected are often indebted (in one sense or another)
    to the deep-pocketed special interest groups and Political Action Committees who
    made their victory possible. It’s not fair to those who cannot afford to buy face time.

  • There is no room but for extremes

    Due to two-party system, these two parties effectively destroy any chance of a third party ever emerging. If this third party, we shall call Thirders, is closer to Democrats, democrats lose voters, leading to Republicans gaining more power due to greater percentage of votes. Same the other way.

    Since this imaginary Thirders can't overcome the power of Democrats and Republicans, it's voters will move to "people I do not agree on everything, but I do not want to give opposition that much power", leading to dissolution of the third party.

    Furthermore, in the current system, the minority party can effectively cripple the government, as has been seen during the Obama administration. Republicans have effectively used their position to sabotage everything administration attempts to do, whenever or not they agree with it. They simply prevent opposing party from succeeding in anything.

  • No bipartisan activity as it is the Republican party in tatters and blocking any good legislation.

    The Republican party is so fragmented that it can not form a solid base and only interested in making sure to impede the current Democratic party from working in the best interest of all Americans except the very wealthy. The Koch brothers are the leading financial enablers of this travesty.

  • From labor statistics to NO BUDGET PLAN

    The labor statistics are FAKED. The number of new jobs is less than 2 million per year. There are over eight million or more chronically unemployed but they don't count. Jobs created barely cover the number of graduates looking for work. Suicide rates are increasing. Congress and president are milking CEOs for money. They have NO PLAN and worse, no INITIATIVE to get Americans back to work. Instead for the past three months (January 21, 2013) all they talk about is Gun Control, and Immigration. Behind the smoke screen, they have gutted the STOCK Act, and also passed CISPA in the House. They are NOT planning on focusing on jobs, environmentalism, reducing war spending, but instead are going to continue along their fake yellow brick road for taking this country to hell.

  • Definitely

    I believe that America is trying to enforce it's laws upon different countries. America fought for their own rights to break apart from Britain and become it's own country, now why is it that we won't let others have their independence. We are in countries we shouldn't be in for greedy and selfish reasons. This is caused by the political system and the idiot politicians that make such decisions. In the end it does come down to our president and this is just all wrong, the people should be heard as well.

  • I agree

    I agree but with a twist. It's seeds of destruction were sown the day(s) the declaration and constitution were signed. It was all (inevitably) downhill from there. The problem is the nature of governance itself. It is the kind of people attracted to it. We assume they are benevolent. We want to believe it can work. It can't. The idea of a "state" given the current nature of a human simply can't work.

  • Definitely.

    The American political system has been destroyed by corruption. By career politicians who care more about their paycheck than the country. The America we have today is a far cry from the Republic that the Founding Fathers foresaw. They did not predict or fathom that their system could be so bastardized, so horribly twisted into something so distant from their intent.

  • The American Political System IS Broken

    I believe the American Political System is broken at it's very roots. Politics has become an arena where campaigns are mud slinging events carried out by wealthy individuals. We have lost the dignity and respect that were once a part of public office. The lines between the parties are gone...what we have left is a room full of pre-school children who do not play well together and are badly in need of a time out. Politicians have forgotten the phrase "for the common good".....they need to realize that they have lost our respect. They have forgotten the qualities that make good leaders - and I believe the loss of honesty, leadership and dignity is apparent not only to their constituents, but to foreign countries as well.

  • Yes,

    especially the judicial branch. It is now basically being used as a third house for laws being passed, and they can get rid of laws, even if passed, by calling it unconstitutional. They don't seem to really care what is and isn't unconstitutional; they just choose based on their opinions. The government is becoming corrupt.

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