• The comments above

    Illustrate the REAL reason why the American school system has been allowed to become so broken: The adherence to empty labels like "left" and "right" -- instead of actually describing the political views you disagree with -- demonstrates that you view your democracy more like a sport. You don't actually care about fixing your country but rather just taking the opportunity to do so away from the other guy. America is broken because its inhabitants are conservative, they are easily scared into maintaining the *status quo*. As a country, you have been brainwashed to have a knee-jerk reaction to words like "socialism" and "liberalism".

    Americans are stereotyped as being "rough and tumble" but I think you are just compensating for something.

    America is screwed up because Americans have made it that way.

    You reap what you sow.

  • Yes it is

    In school lunch they say that you can only go up to get "Healthy" snacks once. The government wants our money so bad, so why don't they let us get more? If students can get some sugar in them, then they might not fall asleep during some boring lecture the period after lunch.

  • Yes, America's "school system is out of whack"

    This countries school system is out of whack because it hasn't for a long time taught America's young students about the greatness of America and its history but has become and indoctrination center for the leftist," Hate America," wing of the democrat party.
    Instead of instilling pride in our countries history the young people are told that our forefathers only came to America out of greed and to kill Indians and to take their land from them. The School system was supposed to instruct our youth in lessons that would produce America's next leaders but instead has only instructed America's young people to hate their country. I believe that what is needed to correct this fault in America's educational institutions is diversity, for every leftist democrat hired to instruct our young people, a conservative republican should be required to be employed as a teacher in every institution of education. If diversity is believed to be the cure for America's problems perhaps diversity would also be needed in order for students to be well rounded and prepared to become better adults and better citizens.

  • The American School System is wack: all you do is learn to memorize things, Throw it out of your memory and never use it again.

    The school system is a horrible system because not only is it a hostile environment for children, None of the policies are actually enforced unless it benefits the school system and it's administrators. Not to mention the food is disgusting, And I don't know how they expect to feed us on 20 tortilla chips and a cup of cheese? You tell me. That's the tea.

  • The american school system is whack.

    The american school system is whack because they teach more about things we do not need to know for our future career. It is only nesacerry to learn Language Arts and Math. I would rather learn about prodution and news casting or law because that is in my and others interast.

  • No the school system is not whacked

    Now let me explained why I chose no. The American school system has changed immensely throughout the years. Students were taught at their individual pace and the teachers had the ability to be creative with their teaching. Now because of the NCLB act ( No Child Left Behind Act) student's achievements are measure through state exams, but are all students the same? Do they all learn in the same manner or do they all learn differently. So again I will say the school system is not whack its entwined with the politics of America. Is there hope? Yes, maybe it depends on the people.

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