Is the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) a Good Law?

  • The Rights and Protections of Americans with Disabilities Act Outweigh Its Drawbacks

    The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act represented a monumental leap forward in the rights and treatment of disabled Americans in numerous ways. By providing for equal access and equal opportunities under the law, the ADA facilitated a new era in disabled rights and opportunities. Specifically, by guaranteeing disabled citizens equal opportunities in the job market and equal access to privately owned businesses and government facilities alike, the ADA has enabled disabled Americans new opportunities in self-determination and for equal treatment with their fellow citizens.

  • Have you looked at the number count on "Disability"??

    This is not a good law because there are to many people on disability. The reason so many people are on disability is because jobs don't accommodate and they also don't want to deal with people missing work all of the times for illnesses. Jobs would rather have someone who is consistently at his or her work each day and not be inconvenience by peoples health problems which in turn leads to unhappy employees who don't want to do anymore than what they are hired to do.

  • No, it is perverted.

    No, the Americans with Disabilities Act is not a good law, because it is taken overboard, and has become a cash cow for attorneys. The ADA allows attorneys to look for violations and then sue. The result of that is not that there is more access for those with disabilities, but rather that attorneys can make a lot more money.

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