• Americans with the Disabilities Act is working

    Americans with the Disabilities Act is working. It could be improved in many ways, like increase the amount of money disabled people get and increase awareness among the US population. They could also get awards in other fields like schools and government/state jobs. Other than that, I think the Disabilities Act is working well, and as usual, it could always use improvements.

  • Parts Of It Are

    I believe there are parts of the Americans with Disabilities Act that are working and other parts that are not. I believe the act has helped some people with disabilities gain access to many more places and it has made their life much easier. At the same time, I believe it has done little to help discrimination.

  • Yes, it seems to be.

    Since the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed years ago, a lot has been done to bring disabled citizens into the mainstream. Now no business establishment is complete unless all sorts of people are able to access it and move about inside of it. More employees are being hired to do the jobs they are capable of.

  • Not well enough anyway.

    First of all, I will admit that thanks to the ADA, the treatment of people with disabilities is a world of difference. There was a time not to long ago that children born with disabilities would be left to die from any injuries because doctors would refuse to operate, sometimes even feed some disabled children, and if they survived that most would live their lives out in horrible institutions and experimented on.

    But, even though it is illegal the disabled are still constantly refused accommodation, put in abusive situations, looked over for jobs, and in great debt, along with many other problems. We still have a long way to go before the disabled are fully treated as equal citizens, even as we have come a long way. Plus I am worried that in some areas we are stepping back again.

  • We are paranoid.

    No, the Americans with Disabilities Act is not working, because the only thing that it has worked to do is to put money in the pockets of lawyers. Lawyer find businesses that are not technically in compliance, and they sue them for a bunch of money that the businesses do not have.

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