• I believe so

    I have been watching a series lately, and it has shown that in major ancient civilizations, they have depicted strange, alien like carvings, for example the Egyptians showed a helicopter and a submarine like hieroglyphic. Also, a picture of a light bulb. However, the most fascinating of them is Akhenaten, an ancient pharaoh who wrote that he was greeted by gods from the sky. Other groups have shown strange pictures in paintings, and spoke about "Charriots in the sky". The wierdest thing of them all, is that all of the civilizations who have told about this have risen to be great, technologically advanced empires.

  • The People of Earth are Aliens to many Planets and Objects in our own Solar System.

    Consider 60 years ago in October 1957, we began our first venture into space with Sputnik. In that short 'blink of an eye' in time, we have now observed, visited, had hard and soft landings on Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. We have landed on Moons of Mars and Saturn with almost 50 landings on our Moon alone. We have landed on 2 Asteroids and 2 Comets and have orbited and observed many other celestial objects. So we are extra terrestials in a sense, just beginning to explore. Most rational thinkers would agree that there are other life forms out there in this vast Universe. Who are we to dispute the possibility of being observed or visited.

  • I believe in the ancient astronauts theory.It was in my head even before watching Ancient Aliens.

    They are so many things in common in many mythologies like the 12 sky gods that rule the heavens,the story of the great flood and the war between gods and dragons .This is just a huge puzzle and it is hard but interesting to solve it.It even fits in the bible stories.

  • I like to think so!

    For the simple fact it cannot be completely disproven! It would explain a lot of early human history we are yet to understand. And if it turns out to be true it obviously proves we are not alone in the universe, it gives hope that humanity might one day venture to the stars. It's a fun theory to think about, so mysterious yet however unlikely, still plausible.

  • I do think that it is correct

    I think that the ancient alien theory is correct. If you look at puma punku for one minute, you will wonder, how did they make this. The rocks are cut with such a precision that we can't do it today. This happened thousands of years ago. How did they make this. Aliens!!!!!

  • Entertaining!..But inaccurate..Most of it anyway.

    Unfortunately, as fun and mysterious as ancient astronauts theory is, its mostly hyperbole and tunnel vision ..You can easily take almost anything on those shows and find a much more logically grounded solution to the dilemmas they present..For example:The great pyramid of giza..Ancient aliens suggest that it couldn't of possibly been built by humans.Well its not hard to find theories to the contrary.In fact one recent theory that's been revisited suggests the great pyramid was built from the inside..And everything from the drag marks,the rope holes and large passageways among other things makes this not only the most plausible theory, but it actually shows it could be done by humans(without the help of aliens).All of it could be done without levitation devices as well..People gotta remember that thousands of years ago these people didn't have much to do with creativity. So them using there creativity and ingenuity was a serious chalenge. They always wanted to out do the ferro before them with a bigger tomb, obelisk or entire towns..People underestimate human ingenuity. With enough time and experience from trial and error, I think anything is possible.

    Posted by: rja7
  • I don't want to say no, but I wouldn't say yes either...

    Sure, if you are looking at this in the eyes of someone who already has this in mind it is creepily fitting, but there is still no hard fact that tells us that this is true. I suppose that is what makes this a theory, but until I find some sort of evidence that is more concrete I have a hard time believing it. Perhaps these ancient civilizations have so much in common because at the time the world was very different and like evolution the best methods worked in different places all over the world.

  • Ugh, just no.

    The majority of those supporting these wooly claims seem to be cherry-picking specific images they think look vaguely like X and then often outright IGNORING existing scholarship on the images and/or known cultural context of the images.

    It's patently silly. Much the same thing as the Dendera "lightbulb," etc. And various other silly interpretations of cultural artifacts.

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