Is the animated series Pokemon justifying animal abuse?

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  • Pokemon is promoting animal abuse.

    Whether you've seen the show or not, the overall story of the show is basically this: A kid goes around capturing Pokemons, robbing the Pokemons of their freedom so he can use them in fights much like dog fighting to earn his glory as the best Pokemon trainer in the world. As if that isn't enough, in order to capture these Pokemons you don't simply throw the Pokeballs at them. You have to literally beat the hell out of these Pokemons, crippling them to the point where they cannot fight back or run away to capture them. If that's not animal abuse I don't know what is. I rest my case.

  • Yes, Please Help

    This show is clearly animal abuse. How dare they enslave these fictional creatures for a kids TV show! How many animals have had to be redrawn for entertainment? On a completely unrelated note, does anybody know where I can find a Snorlax to beat into submission, and then force it to fight at my every whim?

    Come on, seriously? It's a TV show. Nobody sues Bugs bunny for promoting anti-hunting propaganda.

  • Ash doesn't beat Pikachu

    It doesn't even justify it either. People will find one thing wrong with a show or a game and turn it into something it isn't. Pokémon is one of those shows. The creatures don't even die, and the trainers love the Pokémon too. So animal abuse isn't being justified in this cute show.

  • They are drawings.

    How can an illustration feel pain or loose freedoms? Better yet since they are make believe animals, how is combat between two Pokémon even relative when it comes to actual animal abuse? And since nobody objects to cartoon violence, how is it hurting people or animals? Please people, make educated adult decisions regarding this matter.

  • You have no evidence, sir.

    There is no scientific evidence supporting a correlation between animal abuse and pokemon. The show itself promotes friendship and compassion between pokemon and their trainers. The star of the show, Ash, is constantly fighting for his pokemon's happiness. Though they cannot speak, they definitely give consent to training with humans and battling. The pokemon enjoy it. In this fantasy world, every single pokemon has the capability of killing a human with electricity, fire, ice, etc. Wild pokemon are a serious threat to human travelers, which is why many of them travel with pokemon companions in the first place. This is a fantasy world. The premise is not the same as reality. There is no correlation between animal abuse in children and children who play/watch pokemon. Until there is, stop making things up.

    Posted by: Luie
  • Pokemon is about friendship, Not abuse.

    Nintendo clearly states that wild pokemon want to be captured by trainers, The reason the break out of the pokeball's is a test to the trainer's strength and personality. Pokemon is about friendship and trust. A Pokemon is only as good as there trainer, I believe everyone will agree with me on this, I feel bad when my pokemon feints so I make sure i am strong as a person so my partners are strong aswell.

  • They have a choice.

    Firstly, Pokemon are not being stuffed into the poke-balls, they are shrunk down and sucked into by beams of light. Also, most Pokemon could easily kill their trainers as soon as they are released, and there are some that are so powerful that they really don't have an excuse for not taking over the world. They are obviously fine with fighting and obeying their trainers.

  • No. Pokemon does not justify animal abuse

    Because as a Japanese children show it teaches us about the importance of friendship and by this it is showing the Pokemon and the trainers working together and forming friendships. How would the show justify animal abuse? Yes the Pokemon might fight others but in the real world animals protect their masters...Just like the Pokemon protect their trainers

  • No, the pokemon are fine with it.

    The pokemon don't seem to be really bothered when they are captured. They may fight back, but after they are trained, they don't seem to be mad. And pokemon, fight other pokemon, without complaint. It's like 2 humans dueling, they both agree, and fight. This goes with pokemon, it's not really abuse if both of the pokemon agree. They never complained.

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