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  • No, it's barely visible.

    The anti-faith movement, at least in my part of the world (Northeast) seems barely visible. While the neo-conservatives seem to be very vocal about people in all parts of this country being anti-faith, I do not see evidence of that, and I think that their interpretation stems from any slight disagreement or even different interpretation from exactly what they believe, they call "anti-faith".

  • No, The Anti-Faith Movement Is Exactly As It Should Be

    It's so easy to get into the habit of judging others for what they believe in - or don't believe in. I don't think you can say the anti-faith movement is any more militant than Christian faith evangelism. You'll always find some people more aggressive in their beliefs than others. But emotional and verbal aggression should not be likened to military aggression. I'll get concerned when I see a full blown civil war over what faith is and if it should be abolished.

  • But... it's not...

    I would never describe the anti-faith movement as militant. It implies something as related to the military and the use of physical force. By no means can anyone provide a reasonable argument that this is the means in which the anti-faith movement is spreading it's message by. It's a misnomer altogether.

  • The anti-faith movement, which is in a vast minority, is not too militant, but is made of up people trying to have their voices heard over the millions of people over thousands of years who believe otherwise.

    The anti-faith movement - which is more of a collection of free-thinking individuals than an actual "movement" - is not too militant. Any appearance of militant behavior is usually due to the importance many people place on faith, and their sensitivities toward having that faith questioned or ridiculed. But when compared with executions for heresy, inquisitions, crusades, and acts of religious terrorism, the anti-faith movement is hardly militant.

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