• Ignorance is more dangerous than any weapon humanity can create.

    The fewer people accept science, Which uses experimentation to test hypotheses, And changes as the evidence does and encourages people to ask questions. Since most opposition to science comes from religion, It would make sense to go with what science has to say, Since not all the data is in at all times. However in many cases such as the theory of evolution, There is so much evidence, A logical person would accept it as a fact. Besides a scientific theory is different from other theories, Since they are rigorously tested and are always open to critique, At this point most scientific theories have stood the tests of scientists, And falsehoods have been corrected when new data enters the playing field. Anti-vaccine parents are just putting others at risk, Not just their own children. Most people don't think ignorance via faith or other means will hurt them, But chances are it will.

  • It WILL affect you

    This is very dangerous to the safety to humankind and the environment. For example take vaccines and proven medicine. If people part putting in doubts then we might fall into the hands of an infectious disease. People don't think it can happen to them, until it does. People think the effects of human ignorance won't have an effect on them, until it does.

  • Just an opinion.

    Oh no, people are not accepting every theory that science produces as absolute fact. How dare they deny something as fact just because it's not proven.
    Yes, there are many things that science has proven beyond a doubt and not accepting it poses some risk to those who disagree. Thing is, automatically accepting something as fact also has it's dangers both physically and emotionally. This is partly because science often does something just because they can and not because they should.

    Fairly recently, people have claimed that Trump is part of this anti-science movement because he does not support the current climate change theory. Why should he? Look, back in the 70's people claimed Global Cooling was coming and we needed to stop it now. It competed with another theory of Global Warming that had the same warning to stop it. Fairly recently, the two sides have reached a compromise called climate change to justify their conflicting data. Thing is, just because Trump does not go all-in with the climate change theory, it does not mean that he is opposed to science. After all, he also wants to advance our space program so how can he be opposed to science?

    In the end. Some science is proven and much of it is still theory. Are there people that deny some scientific facts? Sure. Look at the Flat Earth believers. Thing is, the vast majority of people look at them as nuts so there is no way they would have any significant effect on society. If anything, they are dangerous to themselves. Let them have their opinions.

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