• Think of the children!

    Anti-vaxxers are ignorant. Honestly, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for vaccinations. I know they hurt, but you have to suck it up, grit your teeth through it and deal with it. I feel like the Child Protection Agency should get involved when parents can have their children vaccinated, but they refuse to.

  • The anit-vaxxer movemnt is a huge cause for concern.

    The anti-vaxxer movement spreads false statements about the dangers of vaccines. Anyone with common sense knows that vaccines have saved thousands of lives and continue to save lives. This generations did not live with polio or small pox, and therefore think vaccines are unnecessary. Now that more people are foregoing vaccines, we are seeing more cases of disease that could have been prevented.

  • Yes, the anti-vaccine movement is a cause for concern.

    The anti-vaccine movement is a significant cause for concern. Vaccinations have saved millions of lives by curing devastating diseases. Parents refusing to get their children vaccinated against these diseases puts kids at higher risks. Unfortunately, some of these deadly diseases have started making a comeback, because of the anti-vaccine movement.

  • Yes, these selfish people put world health at risk by refusing to vaccinate their children.

    Vaccinations have helped eradicate deadly diseases around the world yet some people refuse to immunize their children, leaving them at risk of catching and spreading diseases. They may well have genuine fears that the vaccines cause harm but where there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they should protect their children for their sakes and the sake of the wider community.

  • No, it is not cause for concern.

    Too many people are upset with people who reject vaccines but make no effort to empathize with peoples concerns about vaccines. Vaccines have been a useful tool but they should not be forced down people's throats. If large groups of people do not vaccinate, we could have problems with disease outbreaks but through proper education and patience with concerned parents, we can overcome the challenge.

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