• Yes it is

    All guns can be used as an assault rifle. If you want it to do assaulting things then you gotta fire it. All guns fire right? So there be it. I hope you understand my comments and consider posting useful information next time. Not stuff that makes no sense and isn't true.

  • Yes, it is.

    I have been in the Australian Army and we learned about all guns, big and small, and it is safe to say the AR-15 is not a traditional assault rifle, it is more like a carbine. Single firing, smaller cartridges. Definitely still should not be allowed for use on the streets or hunting though.

  • In it's primary form, yes.

    The definition of an assault rifle is, "An assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. Assault rifles were first used during World War II. ... Today, the term assault rifle is used to define firearms sharing the same basic characteristics as the StG 44."
    Intermediate Cartridges: Check
    Detachable Mag:Check
    I think we found a winner.

    Why was this even a question it's obviously an assault rifle.

  • Yes it is

    AR stands for automatic Rifle. A handgun is not an assault rifle, an Ar-15 obviously is an automatic rifle. And crazy people should not be allowed to buy these kinds of guns. THIS IS CRAZY why is the American government not doing anything about this. THIS IS CRAZY do something America.

  • It is pretty obvious...

    A quick history lesson first. The first assault rifle ever created and deployed on a large scale was the sturmgewehr 44 (or STG 44 if you prefer). So, what makes this an assault rifle over a machine gun, or a sub-machine gun? It wasn't the first automatic rifle in deployment. The U.S. years before had made the BAR or the Browning Automatic Rifle? Well, the technical classification of an assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. The idea that the AR-15 is "just a rifle" is an absurd declaration. Assault rifle is a classification of rifle, much like how a revolver is different from a semi-automatic slide action pistol. To try and argue that an AR-15 is as much a rifle as a Model 94 rifle or a M1 Carbine is ludicrous. What makes an AR-15 an assault rifle is its classification. It isn't a debate of whether or not an AR-15 is an assault rifle, the debate should be what we are going to do about the fact an 18 year old can purchase it in some states with pitiful laws appertaining to how easily it can be acquired.

  • No, it is not

    The definition of an assault rifle according to the U.S. Army was a rifle that is "short, compact, select-fire (i.E. Both semi- automatic and full-automatic) weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachinegun and rifle cartridges," (http://www.Tulprpc.Org/attachments/File/Army_Gives_Definition_Of_Assault_Rifle.Pdf). In other words, if your rifle can't even shoot automatically then it is not an assault rifle.

    Although. We shouldn't forget that the US Army does not even use the term assault rifle. It's a term made up to scare unknowing people about guns, specifically the AR-15 and the AKM. The Ruger Mini 14 which is a wooden gun, uses the same round as the AR-15 and also has detachable magazines yet that is not considered an assault rifle. So what does the media specifically think it is? That any rifle which looks cosmetically military-like or "tactical" is an assault rifle. No difference in performance, just cosmetics. They changed the definition to suit their need, it is obviously a word that is malleable as it has no "real definition." I, though, believe that AR-15s are NOT assault rifles and that the term assault rifle should simply be thrown away. Although, why would they want that? The term automatic rifle isn't really as malleable as the term assault rifle and doesn't seem as "scary."

  • I swear, anyone who believes this crap does not know enough about guns to even talk about it.

    The AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. Ffs people, just because it's black and has all these rail systems and looks scary, does NOT make it an assault rifle. The most differentiating feature is select fire. A stock AR-15 is only semi-automatic, meaning one trigger pull, one bullet. Assault rifles usually come equipped with semi and full auto, and sometimes burst. And also a side, the AR-15 is a civilian version of an assault rifle, in-case you did not know.

    Posted by: LLP
  • An AR-15 is whatever you do with it.

    There is no pre-determined use to an AR-15. You can do literally anything with it. If you take it hunting, it's a hunting rifle. If you use it in competitions, it a competition rifle. If your name is "Department of Homeland Security" then apparently an AR-15 is a "personal defense weapon''. This isn't a hard concept.

  • "AR" = Armalite Rifle

    "AR" means Armalite Rifle, not Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle or whatever else people like to brainwash with. Also, AR-15's are NOT automatic, they are SEMI-automatic. This means that for every time the trigger is pulled, the gun will fire 1 time. This is not my opinion, this is simple fact; anyone who disagrees can look it up. Now, for those who may think that AR-15's and other big scary guns should all be banned and are wondering why a normal citizen like you and me might need one, here is your answer in short: Government tyranny. Before evil dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Amin, and others committed mass genocide on their own citizens, they disarmed them. The American government and military are the strongest in the world and would therefore be the hardest to defeat if they were to turn tyrannical. Here is a quote from Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, referring to Nazi Germany; he is Jewish, by the way. "The... Second Amendment... Is about resistance to government tyranny... The fact that my grandparents in Europe didn't fear [tyranny] is why they are now ashes."

  • Assault is an action

    I guess if you used it to assault someone it is an assault rifle and if your going be the ideas put forth by the media for what an assault rifle is it doesn't meet the criteria for being one due to the fact it is a small caliber, one shot, rodent rifle.

  • No it is not an assault rifle.

    An assault rifle is something that you assault someone with and and AR-15 isn't just used for that. I can go out somewhere and hit someone with a book then that book would be an assault book. And it's infringing our second amendment right. An AR-15 to my knowledge is a semi-automatic rifle.

  • No, it's a loaded question, AND, my comment keeps diapering.

    This question is lame and is Loaded Question.
    Is a knife an "assault knife" if you choose to use it to kill your husband and children instead of cutting turnips?
    Is a vehicle an "assault vehicle", if you choose to drive it to kill 86 infidels, as in Nice France? What if you use an "assault rifle" to protect your family against a home invasion from gang members?
    What if "assault rifles" have less recorded murders in the US, according to FBI statistics, than blunt objects such as baseball bats? The word "assault" is loaded. This entire question is a Loaded Question, and cannot even be taken seriously.
    There were more murders in history, before guns were invented. Read the historically renowned "A History of Violence".
    Even asking this incoherent question is embarrassing to whoever asked it. Whoever decided to ask it is an embarrassing wart on the body of "Reason".

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sadolite says2018-04-13T00:10:02.640
"AR stands for automatic Rifle" Someone doesn't know their azz from their face when it comes to an AR-15. It does however have scary parts. AR stands for Armalite Rifle as in Armalite Rifle Co. The company first to produce it.