• More Than Likely

    I believe the Arab Spring is probably coming to an end. I believe the tensions are beginning to die down and thankfully it's in a natural manner, so hopefully it will last longer than if it was ended artificially. I believe the change in the seasons will also help as people turn their focus on other matters.

  • Yes, I think it is coming to an end

    How long can demonstrates the need through protests. I can't see how the message hasn't gotten across,but I how non violent methods can be continued. Violent methods are just not a smart play, in the long run its just going to bring more attention to the matter that you don't need. Its time they sat back and did it non violently through the direct routes or just ended it totally.

  • Yes, Arab Spring is winding down

    If Arab Spring had resulted in genuine improvements in the Middle East, I think it would still be going strong. The problem is that in every country in which Arab Spring movements took place, the countries are now worse off than they were before. I think the excitement and motivation for the people to rise up has largely been squelched by the reality of the type of governments that result from it.

  • It carries on.

    No, the Arab Spring is not coming to an end, because the civil unrest is far from over. Egypt is far from unsettled and Christians continue to be persectued there, as the Muslim Brotherhood struggles to take over. Things are not settled in Syria either, and Palestine is always attacking Israel. Things are far from over.

  • No, I think Arab Spring is not coming to an end yet.

    I think there are no signs that Arab Spring is coming to an end. I think that while the protests have seem to quiet down a bit, there will still be a lot of protest considering that there are still a lot of problems in the Middle East and around the area.

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