Is the argument of using the spelling 'Makkah' instead of 'Mecca' a manufactured controversy?

  • Yes - a lot of languages spell things differently

    So should we have a problem with different spellings of ben/bin in arabic names, as well?

    Languages adopt words from other languages all the time, and those words get adapted to the common vernacular. Accents get dropped, spellings alter. It isn't a sign of disrespect, and the people mean the same thing in using the terms. So people getting bent out of shape about this are just looking to start an argument.

  • Yeah, it really is.

    I have noticed this trend lately and how upset people get over it. The internet, especially Twitter and Tumbler, has become a quickly flowing conduit for fake rage and people posing as human rights activists. This is just silly and it distracts from larger problems that need to be dealt with.

  • The argument of using the spelling 'Makkah' instead of 'Mecca' is a manufactured controversy.

    The argument of using the spelling 'Makkah' instead of 'Mecca' is a manufactured controversy. There is a lot of slang that is used in the English dictionary today that was not there before. I think they spell it like they want to spell it and I do not think that it is an issue.

  • Way over blown

    The controversy of spelling the word Makkah instead of Mecca is way over blown. This should not be any big deal but a politician used the word wrong several years ago and he lost the election probably because of that mistake. This needs to stop because it just hurts discourse.

  • This is a manufactured controversy.

    I feel that the spelling 'Makkah' instead of 'Mecca' is a manufactured controversy. Mecca is the proper name of the city, and always has been. When spoken, no one can tell the difference or which word you are using but when used in print, it is clearly obvious. This is why it is a manufactured controversy.

  • Language is language

    Sometimes people ascribe too much importance to spelling and languages. They get to being too sensitive about what are essentially meaningless distinctions for their religion. The ignorance, or cultural differences of others are not necessarily a disrespect to a religion. They should be comfortable and confident enough to not care.

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