Is the argument that assault rifles are necessary to protect against tyranny a lunatic idea?

  • Military has more

    How can a guy with an assault rife fight a military with guns much more powerful, tanks, aircrafts, and nukes. Its crazy to think that backgrounds checks are what is stopping the government from becoming tyrannical. If the government wanted to be a dictatorship it could theres no way in hell that someone with a gun could stop a legion of tanks

  • Yes, it is a lunatic idea.

    Who really benefits from people selling and buying assault rifles? The NRA and gun manufacturers. Everyone else is a victim. People who own assault weapons live under the delusion that they are safe. The truth is, if you have a gun in your house, you are 40x more likely to shoot someone who lives in that house than to shoot someone in self defense.

  • This is absolute lunacy...

    If guns are what is protecting American citizens from the corruption of our tyrant government, we are doomed... The government and all of its agents possess an have access to an exponentially larger amount of guns that its citizens. If owning a rifle makes someone feel safer, then by all means they should have one, but our government is not threatening our safety or right to own firearms.

  • Yes.

    The need to own assault rifles in order to protect oneself from tyranny is a lunatic idea. In the United States it is not likely that we are going to face tyranny that would require the use of assault rifles. There is absolutely no need for none military and no police forces to possess assault rifles in this country at this time.

  • Owning an assault rifle will not protect you from a tyrannical government.

    First of all, the government's resources are so vast that any violent revolt or rebellion in the name of defeating tyranny would immediately be squashed. Second, an assault rifle is a rifle with military characteristics. The most startling characteristic of an assault rifle is it's ability to pierce body armor, which is why many police officers are in favor of a ban on assault weapons. An assault rifle is a rifle which has one or more military characteristics. When it comes to civilians owning assault weapons, it is currently legal to buy an assault rifle with a 100 round drum and as much ammo as you'd like without a background check, as long as you purchase them from a private dealer. The main argument against background checks is that criminals will not go through background checks, but the truth is, if there are background checks, then criminals won't be able to purchase firearms because they will fail the background check. Universal background checks will act as a huge deterrent against criminals purchasing assault weapons. Some people believe that the gun show loop hole is a myth. I ask them to view Vanguard's "Arming the Mexican Cartels". In this documentary journalist Christof Putzel goes to a gun show in Texas and buys six assault rifles in under an hour without any background check, and even goes so far as to tell one of the dealers he is buying from that he would probably fail a background check, but is sold the gun anyway.

  • Government has heavy bomber aircraft and helicopters

    Any revolution by even millions of assault-rifle toting citizens would have to contend with skies full of B-52 Stratofortress heavy bomber aircraft dropping tons and tons of bombs on the armed citizens. Those assault rifles cannot shoot down B-52 Stratofortress heavy bomber aircraft flying at 30,000 feet. Those bombers will be flying around the clock, day-and-night, until the revolutionaries surrender or are all killed. Also, for smaller revolutions, the government could deploy Apache Longbow H-64 combat helicopters, which could make mincemeat of even thousands of citizens armed to the teeth with assault rifle. Those Apache combat helicopters have special machine guns with much greater range than hand-held assault rifles, so the revolutionaries would lose any engagement quickly. In conclusion, it is ridiculous to even imagine American citizens defeating the US Air Force and US Army air assets, not even counting what would happen when the US Army shows up with the M-1 Abrams tanks!

  • Supporting evidence?

    Can someone on the yes side please come up with a reason that tyranny is improbable, or that standing up to it wouldn't require assault weapons? And could you please research what an assault weapon is before you make generalizations? I'm really tired of people acting like they know what they're talking about when they actually have no idea (I'm glaring at you, Joe Biden, with your comment about putting thirty clips in a magazine). Another thing, balloonboy7, you should look up the Russian Revolution (not saying you didn't already know about it, just saying you should take it into consideration in this matter). They overthrew the Government with barely anything more than sheer numbers. I know that was a long time ago and technology's changed since, but the idea would still work if we have the guts to put our lives on the line.

  • NO

    I know that people think that it can't happen here, but I'm sure that the Germans, the Russians, and the Chinese didn't think tyranny could happen in their country, either. I would better be safe than sorry.

    I'm sorry that people can't seem to understand that we do not live in a Teflon bubble that is immune to the problems that haunt the world. Our country is racked with poverty and hordes of people at the top filtering as much money into their pockets as they can. Sooner or later, our system is going to break down, and things are going to get ugly. When that day comes, you are going to need that assault rifle so you don't become a slave.

  • No its not

    In a situation where the gov becomes tyrannical the army, air force, and the gov's power itself will most likely be split (civil war) in which case you're not facing an entire vast army, and when it's every man for himself the more you are armed the bigger chance you have of surviving... Another reasoning is that there is little chance of tyrannical gov BECAUSE citizens are armed, taking away assault rifles makes the chances of tyrannical gov that much bigger, its the very 1st step a tyrannical gov will take!!

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