Is the assault weapons ban just a 'feel good' idea?

  • Yes

    It's a knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy. Banning any kind of guns quickly becomes an argument of slippery slopes. Ultimately, politicians and the scared public have to remember that only law abiding citizens obey the law. The criminals who instigate gang related gun violence and the psychopaths who keep gunning down large swaths of people will keep swiping guns or getting them illegally.

  • The assault weapons ban is really just a 'feel good' idea that is being pushed in response to the Sandy Hook massacre.

    Unfortunately, assault weapons come under the second amendment and there is no way that is going to be repealed. I think Obama knows that the right to bear arms isn't going away and feels that he must do something in the wake of this tragedy, so he is going after assault weapons

  • Yes, we need to feel as though we can control something.

    This isn't anything new. Every time something like the school shootings in Connecticut happen well meaning people attempt to ban the offending method of murder. As a society of generally moral, good people we need to feel as though there is something over which we can take control. Otherwise, the bad guy(s) win and where does that leave us?

  • Yes the assault weapon ban is a placebo

    The idea that gun violence will be affected by an assault weapon ban is misguided if not entirely wrong. The government hasn't even definitively defined what weapons actually qualify as 'assault weapons'. While it is true that steps should be taken to try and prevent another tragedy from occurring like the ones in Newton CT or in Aurora, CO, the fact of the matter is that any weapon can be modified to create more damage and banning people from owning 'assault weapons' won't prevent the violence from occurring. There is also the consideration that the majority of the weapon owning public do not and have never participated in acts of this kind--so by banning weapons, the government is punishing many for the actions of a few.

  • Give me one example,

    of a time when you would need an ASSAULT weapon. The gun control issue is not about taking away your hunting weapons and other guns. It is about keeping ASSAULT weapons away from people that would abuse them. If you feel the NEED to keep an ASSAULT weapon, you probably shouldn't have one. Plus you REALLY don't need one.

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