• The asylum system is flawed

    The asylum system is flawed because it doesn't do much to solve to root cause of problems. It acts a light deterrent for certain individuals, but with lighter punishments and over crowding, people aren't really afraid anymore. The system needs to focus more on rehabilitation instead of just punishment. Asylum can't be a country club anymore and people need to have a real reason not to want to return to it.

  • Very much so

    Asylum these days is granted as often by a country to irritate another one as it is because the country granting it legitimately feels the recipient is deserving. For instance, Snowden was granted asylum by Russia to annoy the United States more than anything else, it was a mixture of that and to extract information from him, it had nothing to do with caring about his rights.

  • People fall through the cracks

    The US asylum system is inteded to help people get taken care of when their own home countries would not do so. The current system makes it difficult to get through the system into the US, and many of the people who need help the most are being excluded from the asylum.

  • I Think They Are

    I believe the asylum system is flawed. I believe this system should be a little more open, but more importantly I think we need to make it so Americans don't feel the need to use other countries asylum systems. I think this is really important, to me as a citizen.

  • It is humane.

    No, the asylum system is not flawed, because we have a process that allows people to stay in the United States for humanitarian reasons. The asylum system allows people with legitimate fears only. If there's not a reason to believe the person will be harmed if they return home, they are allowed to stay here. That is humane.

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