Is the availability of Libyan civil war videos online one reason why American audiences appear jaded when it comes to military casualties?

  • Press changes views

    The ability of the press to change peoples attitudes toward a subject is amazing. These videos from Libya showing graphic images can easily cause us to become jaded about military casualties. With everyone having online access, these videos will easily be seen across the country and people will begin to feel bad for them.

  • All war exposure is why American audiences are Jaded

    After more than a decade of war among our own troops, any war not involving us is even less interesting or news worthy. The American people are more concerned with Miley Cyrus or even Snowden for the political savvy folks than the casualties we are still suffering in Afghanistan. When asked about the War in Afghanistan, many Americans answer "we're still over there?" Because the troop demand is so low, most people don't know anyone is over there. It is not personal anymore. With all the war on TV shows, movies, comics, and video games, it is just a daily thing. War happens, and its boring after the first 1000 casualties and before the first 100,000.

  • Americans Tired Of War

    I do not believe the availability of Libyan Civil War videos online has caused Americans to appear jaded when it comes to military casualties. For the most part, American citizens are completely unaware of what is happening in Libya. Americans are tired of being involved in war campaigns. We are tired of our soldiers coming home in caskets and that is what has made us jaded.

  • We do not trust the response.

    No, the availability of Libyan civil war videos online is not one reason why American audiences appear jaded when it comes to military casualties, because there are many other reasons that Americans are jaded regarding military casualties. Americans have watched their neighbors and loved ones die in Afghanistan, and if feels like we are not winning the war. This is what makes us jaded.

  • American audiences are jaded towards military casualties for a variety of reasons

    American audiences have become jaded towards military casualties for many reasons beyond the availability of videos of the Libyan Civil War. In addition to the constant stream of footage Americans see from other wars, they are used to seeing violence in movies, television and video games. Thus there are many reasons why Americans feel jaded about war casualties. It is not just the Libyan Civil War.

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