Is the average CEO paid too much in the United States?

  • Who is more important to society?

    Paramedics, teachers, doctors, engineers, food growers, etc. Is being a CEO more demanding than any of these professions? Business has its role in our society (it's how we accomplish manufacturing, resource extraction, and other activities that make our society and economy "go"), but just being a leader of such an endeavour does not constitute a salary ten to hundreds of times what other useful people make. I'd place CEOs on just above celebrities and football coaches on the list of professions whose values we've collectively overinflated.

  • CEOs do not work 1000x harder than the least paid employee.

    CEO's make up to 1000x more than the lease paid employee. You're telling me the CEO works 1000x more or has 1000x more responsibility than the least paid employee!? That's not even possible!

    And don't forget that even when a company goes bankrupt, the CEO still gets his salary and bonus pay. How the hell is the CEO getting a bonus when he obviously did a bad job! The company is bankrupt!

  • This is the reason the Economy is Failing

    How does this make any sense? This is the real reason why our economy is failing. The middle class pay is shrinking at an alarming rate. The way I see it, the more money being pumped into the economy the better. If Middle class citizens are getting paid more, they will pump more money back into the economy. How does that not make sense? And if they are pumping more money into the economy then businesses will have a higher revenue. I am not saying we should consider communism. But 400 times! That is absurd.

  • Corporate Greed is immoral!

    1,000 times more than their worker? That's immoral! They should make a profit but how much is too much. How many houses do you need and how many cars do you need and how much jewelry (Rolex watches, do you need? And how many jets do you need? Just read about all the excess!!!

  • They say they have put in long hours... So do nurses, teachers, people working 3 jobs do too, and don't get paid nearly as much.

    Yes, they may have worked hard to get there, and that's good.. But if you said, "if you work harder, you get paid more" would mean teachers, nurses, the runners and stockers at Amazon, would be paid a LOT more than what they are currently being paid. Yet, that is not happening. I'm not saying that CEOs twiddle their thumbs but I'm guessing that Bezos does not go home worn out and physically tired after working a 10 hour day from 6 PM to 4:30 AM, yet the average Amazon employee walks 10 miles a DAY... He gets paid considerably less... So the "he works hard, he deserves it" doesn't hold up. Also, after a point, maybe giving back to the company, to boost sales, productivity, and happiness among the lower paid workers would pay off even more in Public Relations...

  • Our nation was established to promote the general welfare, not corporate greed.

    In the 1950's CEO's made around 20 times the average employees pay, then with Reaganomics in the 1980's we saw CEO's pay increase to 42 times the average employee. In today's economic capitalistic world CEO's make anywhere from 350-1000 times the average employees pay! I find this repulsive & feel that it does not promote what America was founded upon! We were founded to "form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare & secure the blessing of liberty to all." America has become lost in greed & selfish corporate ideals! We the people need to wake up and start demanding this change to ensure that our own children who will probably be just laborers like most of us, (I hold a college degree but am still just a corporate laborer) can actually survive! CEO's cannot exist without us workers, and they should not be paid such enormous wages, receive bonuses (while the real workers don't get anything), have umbrella clauses which ensure when they are fired they leave with millions (when we get fired we file for unemployment which is nothing compared to our wages or we find another job). America has become very one sided . . . Only for the wealthy. Why does it take 2 jobs to maintain a household these days? Why do your children owe more then a house payment when they get out of college? Why have so many jobs been outsourced to other countries rather then promoting the general well being of the USA citizens & inhabitants? This is not the USA I remember as a child, the only American Dream that exists anymore is winning the lottery! What a shame! We can thank ourselves for being blinded by corporate media & allowing corporations to rule our country rather the "we the people"! So until we the people unite & demand our country be for the people, by the people, corporate rule & CEO wages are only to become more outrageous while you struggle more and live less!

  • The pay scale is to large compared to the employees.

    I looked up the average CEO pay which was astonishing. The employees is not making 20% of the average CEO. I believe the the pay scale should be adjusted. Its like the rich are getting richer and the poorer is getting poorer. If there was more room at the top for more employees to make some of the money

  • No One Needs to Earn That Much

    When employees are going without raises for years while executives make more than 20x their pay, there is a callous disregard for the well-being and security of their staff. Rents, groceries, transportation all go up while income does not. Yet, executives continue to obtain raises, bonuses and stocks at an alarming rate.

  • Lead by EXAMPLE.

    When a corp. Cuts benefits or people. Like health care costs, hard freeze of pensions. Smaller bonuses and smaller salary increases for lower level employees to keep the company stock up ad create share holder value the CEO should lead by example and not take a large stock bonus.(it looks like the CEO is cutting to prop his stock bonus a the expense of others.

  • Do they work harder than their employees?

    I do not understand the incredible differences in salaries between a CEO and their employees. To make 300 times more the average employee means that their workers have little to no value to them. How is this even ethical? From the apprentice to the highest officer, they all play a vital role, and none of them are more valuable than the next. Its just another ridiculous part of our culture that we have stupidly accepted and allowed to get out of control.

  • "Paid too much" is the most anti-American statement in the world.

    Why do you go to work? Why do you raise a family? Why do you go to college? Why do you get a job? Why do you play sports? Sense a theme? Because there are people that want to win first place and the are people that are just satisfied with whatever they can get. What is it worth to risk your home, family, health, marriage to become number one? An artificial cap on your salary? The market bears whatever someone else is willing to pay. That is why any successful company is successful- because the owners were willing to take a risk for a spectacular reward. People that aren't willing to take that risk should be happy with what they are able to reap without risking it all.

  • The average CEO is not paid too much in the United States, because they devote enough time and effort to deserve it.

    Yes the CEO does get paid a lot of money. However, look at the amount of hours they have to put in. It takes a lot of sacrifice from the CEO. Obviously, he is compensated for all the time he or she puts into the job. But, just like any high position held, it will be nice if they took a quick look at the situation of the little guy.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • CEO: A special talent

    I believe that CEOs, while getting paid a very large sum of money should not have a pay decrease. CEOs are A very important part of a company a deserve they money they get if they are able to manage their company to success. Being a CEO takes a lot of work and talent. There arent many people in this world that have what it takes in order to be a CEO. Every large public company needs a CEO. In order to attract these CEOs they need to be paid more an more money to get the best of the best, which is what every company strives for. They same can be said for professional athletes for actors. True it doesn’t seem fair but they have a special talent that is rare and thus they get paid a larger sum of money than the average person.

  • Why else aspire to be a CEO?

    I believe that CEO's are definitely paid the right amount. For the amount of work that they have to do during the time that they are a CEO as well as the amount of work put into the company before being called to the top, it is clear that they put in enough hard work and dedication to deserve that salary. If they can make it to the very top of the food chain within a company then they have clearly earned the salary being given to them. The one's who say it is an unfair salary are the one's not willing to put in the amount of effort it takes to get there.

  • Non-laughable

    CEO's do not get paid too much in the United States. Yes people making less money than CEO's will argue that as workers they have worked harder than the boss but really the boss has worked harder than anyone to get their company into the postion their in, the CEO's do not make to much money. CEO's are useally the face of their company and should make the most money.

  • no

    no I believe that Ceo's are paid just the right amount they do give us jobs and their jobs are hard too I think they should get paid more. I know that I were a CEO I would not like all the attention that I was getting because I worked hard for my job!

  • The fact that they're voluntarily paid by their shareholders...

    Suggests that this is a voluntary transaction. If someone is willing to pay you X dollars, then you are worth X dollars. Basics of supply and demand. The real question of worth is a matter of to whom you are worth what. For example to a blind man, a silent film is worthless assuming they have no interpreter to describe what is happening. A glass of water is worth more to someone who hasn't drank in 2 days than to someone who just finished a glass.

  • nope

    it's basic supply/demand. Look, there's only a certain amount of people who are willing or have the skills necessary to be a CEO of a company. The demand for these CEOs is quite high. I mean look at how many public companies there are. Therefore, in order to attract the CEOs, you must provide an adequate incentive, the price you pay for the CEO will be very high. Basic economics....

  • They deserve what they make.

    No, i don't think that CEOs are paid too much money for what they do. For the amount of work and the responsibility that they have for the company they deserve that amount they make. The company wouldnt run if there were no CEOs, and no one would want to take on that responsibility if they were not making a good sum of money. There are only certain people who are cut out for the job, or who are willing to take the responsibility of being a CEO of a company. I believe that these people deserve what they make.

  • CEOs have earned their money

    CEOs have worked hard over the years and have learned and aquired the skills needed to be a succesful CEO. One must have earned their way up the rankings to become the CEO of a company. If the position was not a well paid job companys would not have the skillful and successful CEOs of today.

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1dustpelt says2013-08-14T20:29:27.457
Paid too much? Depends. But what can you do about it? Nothing!