Is the average chiropractic salary appropriate given the training and insurance requirements of this career?

  • Sounds About Right

    In 2012, the average chiropractor salary was $79,550 per year. The training requires 4 to 5 years beyond undergraduate studies and the cost of insurance can vary widely. Given that the overall view of the field, it's not 100% mainstream. I feel that the salary is appropriate given that a portion of the population doesn't even believe in the practice.

  • They make a high salary

    The average salary of a chiropractic doctor is about a hundred thousand dollars, and I think this is enough, even though they do have high insurance requirements. They do have to go through a lot of training, but I think their salary is enough to make the training worth while for them.

  • Yes, chiropractors don't come cheap.

    A chiropractor is a doctor and does some wonderful work to alleviate pain in most cases. But he or she is also well compensated as far as I can tell. Visits are not long and they can be pricey and insurance is beginning to cover some of the costs, so I think salaries are usually fair.

  • The pay is not that high.

    Yes, the average chiropractic salary is appropriate given the training and insurance requirements of this career, because most chiropractors don't actually make all that much. That makes sense, because they also don't really go to medical school. It is a semi-skilled trade, much like being a veterinarian or a lawyer. The average pay is fair.

  • This is a high risk practice

    No, I do not believe that the pay is sufficient for the all the issues that come along with running a chiropractic practice. When the insurance is added into the factor, a large part of the salary is going toward whether or not someone will sue if something goes wrong or they believe that something has gone wrong. Furthermore, it seems as if a chiropractor goes through more intense training than a surgeon, so in the end I believe they should be paid more.

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