Is the average Democrat smarter than the average Republican?

  • Yes they are

    Democrats are much smarter than Republicans. Democrats for example use a better vocabulary than Republicans. For example, look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump used words like bigly and huge. Hillary used words like systemic and libyans. The Republican Party started off at being the better of the two but now the Democrats are doing better.

    - Republican Hillary Supporter from California

  • The evidence suggests no.

    The truth is, intelligence isn't determined by party membership. If it were, then the members of the Libertarian Party would be considered "intelligent" and members of the Democratic Party would be considered "morons" and the Republicans would be considered "idiots." I base this solely on the fact that one is considered intelligent if they are actually defending liberty and trying to improve the United States. Since the Libertarians are the only ones who seem to be doing this, and the Dems and Repubs are doing everything they can to destroy this country, it must be concluded by these criteria that the Libertarians are the only "smart" ones.
    But, since these are not real criteria for determining intelligence and since this question is obviously not intended to provoke "real" answers, but rather, tongue in cheek answers like this one, I think you can excuse me for my droning on and on over nothing of relevance.

  • An average Democrat is not smarter than an average Republican

    There is no correlation between intelligence and political beliefs. The personal, political feelings of a person usually are not based in facts or the like. Political beliefs often come from the heart, so it makes no difference if the person is intelligent or not. Sometimes facts for the basis for these opinions, but not always.

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