Is the ban of advertising a restriction of the freedom of speech?

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  • I believed that

    The constitution gives us right for freedom of speech. So that is the point for us to live in society. Think about the against of Larry Flynt between Jerry Falwell, but in the end, nothing happend to him. So, can anybody else can find something information or give me an argument?Please.

  • It certainly is .

    By definition it prevents the companies or those who seek to advertise to express their thoughts and feelings regarding whatever they wish to advertise . An example can be the tobbaco companies , this is not to say that restricting advertising is not a good thing it's simply stating what it is .

  • No it is not

    If your not being come after for it by police then no. Theres no such thing as an advertising ban by legal order. Different locations/organizations may ban advertising in theyre space, but its their space, so their us nit really any actual priblem with that.

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