• Yes, it would be wrong not to.

    Why on earth do we need fully automatic assault weapons to defend ourselves? This is a foolish argument. Hand guns are a reasonable means of self defense. Military-grade weapons are completely unnecessary for anyone outside of the armed forces to possess. It unbelievably irresponsible to advocate for the "right" to own extremely dangerous weapons. Especially since most advocates also desire to be as armed as a soldier with little to no restrictions. Madness.

  • Yes, it is.

    By selling automatic rifles you are giving the people a chance to protect theirselves. And yes, the richer criminals will still get them nonetheless.
    Those are the arguments on the other side thus far.

    Truth is, when someone points a gun at you, the chances are incredibly small they actually have the intention to kill you if you are defenseless. However, if you are the tough Americans you are to pull out a gun and start a firefight, things will get more messy. No doubt your intentions are right: defending yourself, family, kids or even strangers.
    But is that the correct way to save them?
    Do you need automatic guns to defend yourself anyways?

    In Europe there is a general gun ban. It works perfectly fine as I have never even seen a criminal with a gun in my life. Deadly incidents in my country? Barely occurring. Look at the deadly incidents in Chicago alone and you'll be amazed. Here, it actually makes the news if someone gets shot. That's how rare such incidents are.

    The amount of threat that increases when automatic guns are spread is exponential. Any crazy man can buy one, and go to a market and easily kill hundreds. None of the people there will have a gun to protect theirselves, I guarantee it: they will not be walking around with machine guns. Then why still need them? You have your pistol, you don't need anything more as that is your mobile safety guaranteed.

    Lastly all of you on the no-side must consider an offer I WOULD approve: registering all guns with tight control. You would still be able to use them in shooting ranges, for hunting etc. but you would not have them at home. You'd still have your fun and pride of having them, which is obviously the only reason you have them. I bet NONE of you can give me an example where an automatic rifle has actually saved your life. No? They're fun to have, agreed on that. Your pleasure shouldn't be taken away from you. But to say they have actually improve your chances of defending yourself is ridiculous.

  • I still want guns but automatics are too far.

    Guns are great. They are for protection, hunting, and just for fun. Now you can do all of these things without automatic weapons. As the other side said, criminals use automatic weapons. They have no other real needed use besides to kill people or cause fear. If only criminals had automatics then finding the criminals is much easier. We do not NEED automatics.

  • It isn't right at all

    Gangs will just get stronger cause they'll be the only person with them. I don't want to pay for a larger police force in taxes when a rifle will do a fine job. Police can't get to my house in 30 seconds. 10 seconds is all it takes for an intruder to get in and presumably threaten my family. It would take about 15 seconds for me to get my rifle out of my biometric/passcode locked safe and get my pre-loaded mag in the gun.

  • What Stops A Criminal From Getting A gun?

    If you are a criminal, chances are that the law will not stop you from getting a gun. It just means law abiding citizens have a harder time defending themselves. A 44 magnum is a powerful gun but it just lacks the clip and intimidation of a shotgun. Legal shotguns are big, have a small clip, and have short range. Obviously if you are defending yourself in your home, it is a decent gun, but what if you live in a bad neighborhood? Gangs may not be something you think about every day, but they do exist in some peoples lives. The ar15 is close to the m16 but how long does it take to shoot 3 rounds? In the m16a4, it has a 3 round burst. Now if you are in a bad neighborhood,and you have kids, don't you want to keep them safe? Obviously, you do, but criminals don't care about laws, just getting what they want. Now look at the Mac-10, uzi and mini uzi.They are about the size of a handgun, have 9mm rounds, are intimidating, and can easily defend you. I would say that these guns should be legal for self defence.

  • I do not agree with this law

    I don't think that the ban of automatic weapons is right because we have a right to self defense, and the soul part of our military is our citizenship and the patriots if someone takes out or military, our citizens can help us survive, my point is we need guns if we have them we can defend out country.

  • Same reason banning all the other guns is not right

    Especially in America, if we can own fully automatic guns, that makes our country safer, so terrorists and criminals will be more reluctant to mess with people. If gun owners in American also had fully automatic guns, it would be even harder to for criminals and terrorists to control us. Btw, for those who are in favor of fully automatic guns, look up which states have few or no restrictions at all on fully automatic weapons. Those kinds of states exist. Good luck on purchasing your fully automatic guns my friends.

  • What a bad idea.

    If you ban them than criminals will still get them the way they get drugs and other illegal stuff. Than there will be a whole nother cartel we will have to deal with and more people will die because of it. Seriously don't ban them. You can make them harder to get but don't ban them. We have enough drug cartel drama right now we don't need a gun cartel.

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