Is the band weezer still relevant in music today?

Asked by: MageMasterMoon
  • Going Back to the Shack

    Weezer's latest album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, what Weezer fans like myself waited years for. A return to quality music. While certainly the two 90's albums were by far the best, this is probably a strong contender for top spot after them. Showing they are willing to give fans what they want while still showing their newer sound and style shows that Weezer is still relevant and still capable of making good, quality music.

  • Sure they're day has been and gone, but that doesn't mean they're not relevant.

    Weezer may have seen a decline in musical quality throughout the last decade, but they're most recent two albums have seen an undeniable shift back to a more healthy condition. Some of their earlier stuff was also fantastic, and was vital in preparing the stage for the 2000's Indie rock movement, that's influence is still present. This considered, while Weezer may not release any more gamechangin material, the mark that they have left upon the music industry is clear as can be, and as long as it is so, they will not be irrelevant.

  • A reviving band

    Weezer descended into what is essentially a pop music band, churning out bad record after bad record. But recently they released a record, which was quite good. But sadly, although they were hugely influential to music, they are no longer relevant.
    That may change with their next album, but Weezer, right now, is not relevant.

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