Is the banning of the burqa in France and some other European countries a violation of religious freedom?

  • Yes it is a violation of religious freedom but that doesn't mean it's not right to ban it.

    Much like hoodies, balaclavas, and helmets which should be taken off in supermarkets, court, school, and hospitals, the burqa obscures the identity of the person from the world. I'm perfectly happy for anyone to dress as they like except or the fact that it's simply not practical to do so with a burka. A burka creates divisions in society and makes other people feel tense around people that wear them.

    Burkas are a danger. Students can rig exams. Fraudsters can drawn money out of banks. Criminals can steal, murder, and do other crimes much easier without being identified. People that are wanted on the streets can stay anonymous. All this can be accomplished more easily with the burka.

    Furthermore, it also would be a violation of religious freedom if they require someone to not wear any clothes. We don't allow naked people on the streets in 21st century western culture whether religion bids for it or not, and we shouldn't have a place for burkas either on the streets I think. Our safety and wellbeing should come before religion. Practically over freedom. The burka is fine to use in a the privacy of a home.

    So yes its a violation of religious freedom but we SHOULD ban it on the grounds of safety, wellbeing, and practicality over religion.

  • Yes, the banning of the burqa in ANY country is a violation of religious freedom.

    Yes, I believe that the banning of the burqa in any country is a direct violation of religious freedom. Though this should be a non-issue by this point, unfortunately many countries in Europe still insist on banning burqas though they are an egregious violation of the people's religious rights.. It states in the very definition of religious freedom that religious freedom is the right to practice one's religion free from any persecution from the government or other people. Also, it's a slippery slope to ban burqas. What's to say that these countries don't also forbid Jewish people from wearing Yamakas? There is no difference between someone wearing a burqa and someone wearing a baseball hat, yet, those aren't illegal!

  • Yes - we should let them worship how they want to

    For many Muslims, a wearing of the burqa is a passive way of showing their religious beliefs and pride. I think that banning the burqa takes away the spirit of religious freedom that many people need to be happy and satisfied. We should not so easily violate these traditions of other people groups.

  • Unconstitutional

    Freedom of Religion in France has been established for over 200 years and therefore I do believe banning the burqa would be a violation of that. Although I do think the burqa is somewhat an "oppression" as others say, I believe there is still a right if they choose to wear it or not.

  • People Have The Right To Freely Express Themselves

    As long as they do not infringe on others people have the right to freely express their religion. Wearing a burqa does not infringe upon anybody. It is a personal choice, and it should be allowed. This limitation on freedom of expression shows just how much a slippery slope laws against hate speech are.

  • Ridiculous

    Apart from the fact that the burqa is symbol for the oppression of women, it has been illegal all along.Why should they be able to wear a burqa when I can't wear a forage cap. It's the same. Everybody needs to be recognizable when the walk on the streets. Who knows who is under that burqa? Criminal acts will become very easy to commit with such clothing. Religious freedom has its limits

  • The "Banning of the Burqa" is actually a reinforcement of equality.

    France is a secular country, which means that the state and all religion is separated. A state school has its rules governed solely by french republican law. The law states that ALL public places come under the law of the republic. Public schools have always had this separation to protect the students and their way of being taught from any form of preaching or the morals of ANY religion. In france, you are french before anything else. Previously, long before the sensationalisation of the burqa debate happened, no teacher, worker or student of any nature in a public school could visibly show any kind of religious token within the school. The "banning of the burqa" was not an attack against anyone, it was a re-affirmation of the previously 100 year old law that stated that no child in a state school will be subject to a biased environment.

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