• Yes it has

    I spend so much time in my college art class competing with the other students to create the most intricate and realistic pieces. Then I go online and see a canvas of blue that has none of that and they are praised and become so famous with their blue square. I just wish realism and intricacy was still the highlight of famous art

  • Yes 100% agree

    Unfortunately yes. I have seen so many sad pathetic excuses for art yet everyone oohs and aahs at it. I went to a museum recently and there was a canvas that was simply painted red and was displayed as art. Anyone could have made that and claimed it was art. I dont think there is any standard for art anymore.

  • Think about what you are saying.

    Has the standard lowered no. Has there been a shift in what we consider art, yes. I'm an art teacher. Even the impressionists were accused of having an eye disease that made them not be able to see color correctly. The technical skill may be less, or different, but materials are cheap, thoughts are expensive. Maybe we need to expand our ideas and thoughts in order to see what the artist is trying to show us?

  • No, not really.

    Art is ones expression of their imagination and creativity that is appreciated for their emotional power or beauty. Art doesn't have to look amazing. It is supposed to make you FEEL something. Every person has a different experience with any art form. He/she relates that art to their own senses and experience. So there is no universal accepted standard of art. The way u perceive it doesn't mean everyone will perceive it the same way. There is no "real" or "fake"art. Art is just art.

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