• Yes, the bar mitzvah is a milestone in a young teen's life.

    Yes, the bar mitzvah is an important ceremony and marks a new beginning for young Jewish males. Reaching the age of 13, a boy become accountable for his actions and is considered a full and responsible member of the Jewish community. Customarily celebrated with family and friends, this ritual becomes a cherished memory and marks a proud turning point for the young man.

  • Yes, for Jewish people.

    Celebrations, holidays and rites of passage are central to the Jewish faith; the Bar Mitzvah, which recognizes the transition into adulthood and the responsibilities that follow, is one of the most important. Often, intense study and preparation precedes a Bar Mitzvah, though elaborate parties are also commonplace and may overshadow religious aspects of the event.

  • Sure, just as important as any ceremony.

    I don't feel it is up to any one person or group of people to decide upon the importance of a religious ceremony. Each religion has their own sacred ceremonies. They are all important to the participants of the religions. If the celebration of the coming of age of a Jewish boy at 13 which deems him ready to worship publicly makes him a better person, I'm all for it.

  • Bar Mitzvah is an important ceremony.

    The Bar Mitzvah is an important ceremony in the Jewish religion. It is a time when Jewish boys are inducted into the religion as men and full members of the synagogue. It is also a celebration of their transition to adulthood. It allows their family and friends to gather and celebrate their childhood and the hopes and dreams of their future.

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