Is the beauty of the world around us evidence of God?

Asked by: tcpanter
  • As a Christian, I believe so.

    "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." Romans 1:20. I also like to look to not only the Bible, but the scientific side, as well. The earth is tilted so precisely on its axis that if it were even the tiniest, most infinitesimal picometer off, humankind would cease to exist. On top of all that, I've seen scientists come to know God as real through quantum physics. I truly believe, though, that some have to be willing to see God in creation. A lot of it depends on open-mindedness and narrow-mindedness.

  • Yes it makes sense

    Without numerous natural patterns forming,, we would not see beauty. Patterns only arise from intelligence. The beauty reified by the World supports the existence of a supra-intelligence in the same way. This is a inductive inference that can be scientifically proven or disproven. I say it is more probable science will ultimately prove it more true than false. Without an architect, all of this just hapened by happy coincidence, and really the odds of this happening through chance alone is so slight it cannot be a reasonable inference explaining the nature of the world.

  • Yes it can be considered as evidence

    I believe it is perfectly appropriate to say that you see evidence of God in the beauty and order of the world. The beauty and order can also certainly be attributed to naturalistic origins. It is possible that both theists and atheists see the natural world, with all its' beauty, as a form of evidence.

    I see evidence of God in the world. It is an evidence that I acknowledge may be questioned on the grounds of validity. I do not offer it as proof in the existence of God, but I do view it as evidence in my personal decision to believe in God. One might consider it something akin to circumstantial evidence, but I believe it to be evidence nonetheless. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I fully understand that this beauty be viewed in a different light by others, specifically those who do not believe in God. Evidence can be anything that is offered or considered as proof. It is up to the individual, just as it is to the jury, to determine whether the evidence supports the truth.

  • I have always thought so

    The world is just an amazing and spectacular place, I find it hard to believe that it is all here by accident. The amazing beauty, complexity and perfection of our world does seem to point towards intelligent design.

    You always see art produced by people and it can never compare to the amazing beauty of the world, Gods art.

  • Always see yours self then think all is one,and equal no difference

    So GOD is one , all the things made by five elements so no difference between us and universe .Men and trees and all creation of universe are made by these elements also stone too so when you thinks all are one and belongs to us then there is no need to say about GOD.GOD is every where , where you live clean heart.

  • Perception is reality.

    We know that there are roughly the same number of neuron permutations in our brains as there are elementary particles in the universe. As we exist in the image of the universe, so too does the exist in our eyes when we look up at a night's sky. God is the principle of symmetry and cohesion, which is what holds the universe together. Perhaps we are all fragmented pieces of God's mind.

  • Yes because the world around us is so beyond explainable

    It is easier to realize that the things around us that you nor I could ever create are made by a being much greater than us than it is to think it is all here and unique on accident. Unless you have a true explanation for the creation of the earth, the solar system, the abundance of species, the coexistence of species to survive in only very particular conditions, the complexity behind every creature, etc then I don't think its far fetched to believe whatever higher being created those also caused the beauty that we see in the world.

  • NO it is

    Evidence of talent, insight, observation and varying levels of thinking. Why insult the artist by claiming only a god could have made him the instrument through god worked. What an abomination to those who are gifted and creative to say some false deity did their work. It is repugnant and disgusting to even have said such filth.

  • The definition of "Evidence" is specific and cannot apply in this manner

    "Something that furnishes proof" I can understand psychologically how a belief in something can subconsciously cause the observer to interpret things in a manner that would indicate a proof to that observer. In science, this is called "experimenter bias" and can cause a unreliable and non repeatable experiment (false positive.)

    Seeing something such as a beautiful sunset is really a personal experience and even though a lot of people may agree, it will still be considered by definition to be opinion. Hence the proverb; "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

    The application of experimenter bias to an opinion can never be more than a biased opinion and will never qualify as evidence.


  • No, I do not think the beauty of the world around us is evidence of God.

    No, I do not think the beauty of the world around us is evidence of God. For one thing, everyone has a different idea of what beauty is. For example, I think that moss at a magnification of sixty is beautiful, but not all people feel that way. So, not everyone can say the world around us is beautiful. Another thing, there are other explanations for the worlds existence, like the Big Bang. God is not the only explanation for the world. Just for the people who wonder, no I do not believe in God.

  • No, a deity's creation of the Universe and the beauty of it are not logically connected.

    First, beauty is a purely human concept, and using it to describe a given object to determine its complexity or origin is frankly silly and a non sequitur logical fallacy. Since the question at hand uses this very conclusion, I will not and can not go on about the supposed origin of all things in a valid manner in the context of the question.

  • An Intensely Illogical Statement

    Indeed, the amount of rendering that is requirement to disprove such an assertion is minimal, for if it was indeed a deity(ies) that created what physical, what evidence have we that it was indeed Jehovah? The Pagan Greeks made claim to the deity Chaos, and the Norse believed that after the events of Ragnarok two humans--one male, one female--emerged from a tree to procreate and repopulate a new Earth. And eventually there will come a day when Jehovah the father impregnating Mary the mother with Jehovah the son will be categorized in the same place as Minerva in the brain of Jupiter (if one is to loosely quote Thomas Jefferson). Insofar as I can see, there is no reason to believe that nature is evidence for a personal deity(ies); the farthest the argument will get you to is a deistic one, and from there one must contend that if a deistic deity(ies) does truly exist, what is the point of saying it was they and not random nature who created all this, if only on a hunch? A deist says it was an invisible force that can be found; a scientist says it was an invisible force that only be theorized. I will take theory over blind ignorance any day.

  • Beauty is only a perception, it doesn't really exist, except in our minds:

    What is beauty to a human is not to other creatures, besides not every human agrees on beauty, otherwise we'd all strive to look exactly the same. Every brain is wired differently, thus every brain perceives everything differently. Beauty is just an Illusion.
    What often appears as beautiful, can be deadly, such as lantern fish who produce an attractive light to attract prey, or chameleons who camouflage themselves to be appealing to insects until they strike.
    Or plants that produce sweet smelling substances, that sometimes pong to humans to attract prey.
    Beauty is a deception, which is a product of nature and nurture.
    The environments where we are nurtured and appear serene and safe to us often appear as beautiful and some humans find dangerous, wild environments beautiful.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: Thus an ILLUSION.

  • Not in any logical sense

    Beauty is necessarily in the eye of the beholder. Some would say they do not like 'nature' and prefer cities. So does their dislike of 'nature' give us evidence AGAINST the existence of god? Or does it make the idea of the beauty of the world irrelevant to the question.

    Some artists literally just throw paint at a canvas. This can result in things that are pleasing to the eye. It can also result in absolutely horrific things. As can nature.

    Have you ever been to a tar pit? They occur naturally, and are horrendous. Have you ever been to the aftermath of a landslide? They occur naturally, and are horrendous.

    No, beauty is subjective. And if one says something is not beautiful, anyone can make an argument in support or against the idea of it being beautiful. One can try to find the beauty in anything.

    If everything can be beautiful, or you consider everything to be beautiful, how would you form a counter perspective? Do you know what a world without god would look like, to compare it with?

    Even if one was a bible thumping believer, this argument should fall short and be irrelevant.

  • No, why would

    You assume that?
    It is rather strange to assume that a supernatural being crafted it with no reason.
    I think the ongoing chemical reactions that we call life is an awesome thing. The chemistry of nature is equally amazing.
    The creatures and environments they produce are quite fantastic but still it is all on this mote of dust we call Earth.

  • A mere interpretation

    We 'interpret' the world around us to be beautiful, and 'interpret' that to point to an existence of a god. Our own interpretations of whether the beauty of earth around us is evidence of god differs from person to person depending on their religion. There are many different answers, and mine is no.

  • I dont think so.

    Lots of people say "just look around this beautiful universe and you will see evidence of Gods work." I dont think this flies at all. First of all how do you know what a universe that has not been designed looks like? There is a huge difference between the order we see in nature and the order we see in the works designed by man. It is pretty amazing that the universe has turned out the way it has but I dont think it is beyond the ken of a naturalistic world view.

    I think it speaks more of the human brains need to see patterns and understand intent rather than the design of the universe. The universe is truly beautiful but it is entirely possible to explain that beauty without a God.

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Is the ugliness as well?