Is the belief that we all deserve eternal torment for our sins and the belief that there are good people a contradiction?

Asked by: steffon66
  • It most certainly is

    How can a good person deserve to burn in hell forever? To say we deserve eternal torment the worst possible punishment i would think we would need to be the worst kind of people we could possibly be. Believing that people deserve eternal torment for fornication is infinitely more dumb than saying a weed smoker deserves life in prison. But people are completely illogical when it comes to religion. There is no possible way i could be a christian. Im simply to rational and realistic. It wasnt my choice to stop believing in the bible it was forced upon me by my logic

  • Two totally different things

    Being a good person on Earth may be apreciated by humans. God has obly one criteria to get you into heaven. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour, asked him to forgive your sins and aknowledge that you are a sinful creature. No matter how good you are, if you do not accept Jesus you will be eternally tormented in the flames of Hell. God cannot allow sin into heaven.

  • No one's completely good.

    How good do you have to be to not be regarded as evil or a bad person? By what standards are you measuring good? Percentages? How else are you doing it? Good deeds outweighing the bad? If you're at least one percent evil, what kind of a liability would you be in heaven?

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