Is the best friend is better than the brother?

Asked by: Masoom
  • Best friend is better

    Big u have a best friend than you can share all your secrets to your friend. He will try to solve your matters and encourage you. But you can't share your secrets with your brother because there is a respectful restrictions to share every thing with your brother. But if we see the forthwith another angle than arguments Will be changed I will share it letter.

  • Family over friends

    While your friends are only there for you for a short amount of time, Your siblings will be with you for all of your or their life. They won't judge you for anything you do and even if they think what you do is weird, They will still accept you.

  • Family always comes first.

    I will always have my siblings back. Even if I had a friend who would take a bullet for me. My sibling comes first. Your best friend wasn't raised with you so they can never truly relate 100% of the time. Plus friends are much more likely to betray you then family would.

  • The brother is better.

    My little brother, Is my best friend, So this is kinda hard for me to answer. As he's been there literally most of my life, And was the only friend I was able to take with me when I moved, I consider him my very best freind in the world. And, I can talk to him like I can't talk to other people.

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