Is the best situation is for Children to have a Mom and a Dad?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Yes, it is better for the child.

    It is better for the child because they need both a mother and a father. A mother and a father teach the child different things. If you just have a father you might not get as good of knowledge about things a mother would teach you. Same if you have a mother and no father. I'm not saying it is bad for people to not have both I have people close to me who don't, I'm just saying it would be the best situation.

  • Because I'm totally fine.

    I grew up with my mother, a single parent, and I have a beautiful bond with her because of it. I know I wouldn't be as close to her if I had another parent living with me, but now mum is like a best friend or a sister. It's so lovely.

  • Not neccesarily .

    The best situation for a child is to have 2 loving parents, regardless of gender, people priase mother + father relationships because they are the norm and thus raise better children yet there are MILLIONS of children up for adoption because of these mother + father relationships deciding to abonden the child.

  • No, not really.

    Two moms or two dads, one mom, one dad, it doesn't matter. It depends on the people. The people I know raised by two moms or dads, they are great people. The ones raised by one mom or dad have a harder time, but they too are great people. There are no right situations or wrong situations, really.

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